I’ll Write ‘Til The Coffee Runs Out


The deals I make with myself occasionally cause me to achieve a desired result. For the most part though, I am a surprise achiever. Meaning that accomplishing a goal rarely happens the way I expect. Sometimes it isn’t even the goal I expect, but for whatever reason – clean living, appeasing the gods of suburbia, unredeemed karma from a previous lifetime of self-sacrifice – favorable winds eventually blow the tumbleweeds out of my mind and I get something done.

My loyal follower reminds me each morning not to stay hold up inside all day and that is usually when the mental “let’s make a deal” begins. I’ll write ‘til the coffee runs out. Until it runs out of what, I don’t say. Until it runs out my ears perhaps. Before I know it, it’s early afternoon. This signals three things: It’s time to check in with my legs that have been asleep since I poured my last cup of coffee, I’m hungry, and the dialing for dinner dilemma ensues. This is what happened during my last mad dash toward the finish line. Only this doesn’t feel like a mad dash. It feels more like staggering blind-folded out of a mud pit, balancing a birdcage on my head.

So, here’s the deal. I’ll write ‘til the coffee runs out or I’m ready to pick off my characters one by one with an elephant rifle, whichever comes first. Mine is not a tortured soul, destined for disaster. Nor humors seeking discharge from their greedy master. This is no existence so desperately fated. The wing-ed beast inside my breast is merely caffeinated. 

Woolf, Plath and Hemingway never had it so good.

22 thoughts on “I’ll Write ‘Til The Coffee Runs Out

    1. I’m soooo close to being complete and yet I know once the last edit is done, there’s the marketing. GAAAHHHHH! and then I read your post today about the scam scum. DOUBLE GAAAHHHHH! Even I know who Mark Coker is. I used Smashwords for the ebook version of Summoning the Strength. Indie issues! but, the only thing I am willing to pay for in this process is editing. With royalties at pennies on the dollar, yeah, not paying for advice or any pie in the sky crap-a-paloooza seminars.

  1. LOL! Oye! I so dislike when my legs fall asleep from sitting too long.
    I write until I realize it is almost too late to go to the beach. Then I come back and write until I get hungry which isn’t very long.

      1. If I was into blame I could say, “The beach is such a temptation. It constantly urges me to give everything up and become a happy lazy beach bum.”

        But I really like the comforts working for money brings and I would definitely get bored if all I did was lay in the sun or shade, reading books, eating delicious food, enjoying walks, watching the sunset, swimming, watching the birds and seals… Oh no!

    1. Both sides of the coin, it always falls to me to decide. More photos, more keystrokes, more music, more Doritos…more, more, more. Haven’t found the deal breaker yet. 🙂

  2. I make deals too – I’ll edit photos until Dallas is over, I’ll shoot until sunset, it’s only 11pm – surely I can have one more Diet Pepsi – I’m caffeinated as well.

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