Simple Gifts


A cherished friend was born on this day. She had no agenda, no pretense. Her heart was open to those who needed a friend. In her memory, simple gifts.


Friendship Flowers Smiles Sight Sunrise Music Laughter Rain Hope Hugs Poetry Peace



Time swift

Hearts shift

Hands lift

Minds drift



I am here
You are there
Do gracious spirits fill the air
Sunrise surprise
Softly offers love’s reply
Pure light so bright
My heart takes flight
Anticipating your embrace
Until then




17 thoughts on “Simple Gifts

  1. Absolutely heart-rending and beautiful, as always. And let me join the chorus by wishing you a very Happy Easter as well. By the way, I really love that pic of you in the sidebar. Lovely!!

    1. From a distance, the first photo of the iris looked like an angel. Had to capture it. That’s the way it is for me with blooms – I can’t seem to photograph enough of them and I’m happy to share.

  2. This is just Beautiful: the pictures, the message in between and the melody which once you discover it you play it and go through the whole thing all over again!
    Happy Easter!

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