Honie’s Log – Star Date 33013.89

The conclusion of Beyond Belief is causing a disruption among my staff. (the voices in my head) It seems the mandatory overtime has driven them to distraction and the more undisciplined ones have begun suggesting random ideas for future writing projects.

Blood & Guts On Baltic Avenue
The story of family game night gone terribly wrong.
 Desperately Seeking Sunglasses
…and other shit I can’t find
Contemplating Quantum Physics: A Ridiculous Stall Tactic

To complicate matters, the extended daylight due to the beginning of daylight savings time has made outside activities harder to resist. Of course, the argument could be made that I am simply using that as an excuse. I must fortify my defenses against further interruption and complete my mission. Oh, but first… Happy Springtime!1-DSC_0332



36 thoughts on “Earthbound

    1. Springtime does have a wonderfully sweet fragrance, Holly. My favorite season though, is fall. Especially after a brutal Texas summer. I’ve always loved October with still warm, sunny days and the cool, crisp nights. Apple cider, hay rides, pumpkins! Fall colors. Spectacular!

      1. I like fall, too. As Calvin and Hobbes said, fall leaves are like nature’s fireworks. But I still like spring just a teensy bit better just because spring is like a rebirth. A promise of a new beginning. Maybe I’m a romantic at heart after all…. 🙂

  1. Your ideas for future writing projects are absolutely intriguing and flat-out hilarious! But honestly, I really would read “Blood and Guts on Baltic Avenue”. Just because it’s that good.

    1. Oh the fights we had as kids over a simple board game! Monopoly seemed to bring out the very worst in my brother and me. We always started out having fun, but soon he’d advance to GO and collect more than $200, I should’ve never agreed to let him be the banker. Once the get out of jail free cards started appearing from under the table, all hell would break loose. Hotels became projectiles. I was not pretty.

      1. Oooh. You know how they’re trying to make board games into movies? (ie: Battleship) What you just described there would make a pretty damn amazing one. Or at least a short! Where’s a creative director when you need one?

        1. Monopoly is one of THE most boring games we ever tried to play. Sure, it starts out exciting, everybody chooses their token and gets all that money, but then about the third time you pass go and you realize two hundred dollars doesn’t buy very much, that’s when it hits you. Cheat or get cheated, yeah, that sounds like movie material. Could be set in Vegas or D.C.~ Funny Hala J.!!

  2. Glorious photos. Just love that… red maple? We’re heading into Autumn here but I’m facing the same temptations as you are. I love working out in the garden when its cool enough to make raising a sweat pleasant. Ah well. Maybe I can ration the outdoors… for health reasons of course. 😉

    1. Yes, Japanese maples are just the right pop against the many shades of green. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love spring, but nothing beats fall for me.

      1. We have pockets of loveliness, mostly in the big cities, but the native Australian bush doesn’t really come alive until winter when all the wattles flower. Winter is when we get most of our rain and I guess the plants evolved to make use of it.

        The wattles burst into many shades of yellow which does brighten up an otherwise wet, grey time of year.

      1. Me too – I almost always find them on my head or in my hands, but I never think to look there. I also spend a large chunk of my life looking for my lens cap.

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