Where Do We Go From Here


Thrill seeking adrenalin junkies, strangers in a strange land, lovers in love, road warriors and day trippers all have something in common whether their goal is a family vacation, romantic getaway, extreme adventure or relaxing retreat. They’re all looking to make a memory. Choosing a destination is the easy part. Getting there, well that’s where the fun begins. Travel dreams come in all shapes and sizes. So do travel budgets.

Big dreams call for big budgets, and nobody knows better than travel blogger Lesley Carter how to get the most bang for her travel buck. Her online magazine, Bucket List Publications inspires us to dream big and reminds readers to enjoy everything this life has to offer. Lesley, a new mother, adventurer, and blogger extraordinaire is competing to win a trip around the world which she plans to share with readers through blogging and photos of the 25 countries she will visit. She needs our votes to win:


Please visit My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List Contest to see Lesley’s video and vote for her entry to win this amazing opportunity.

Lesley recently shared with me some thoughts about her experiences and goals.

Bahamas 018

Honie: What is the most important lesson you have learned in your travels?

Lesley: Traveling is unpredictable. You can’t plan for everything so you have to learn to just go with it.

Honie: Now that you are a mother, what lesson do you most hope to pass on
to your daughter?

Lesley: The more unrealistic you are with your dreams and goals, the more you are able to achieve.

Honie: Who is the most influential woman in your life and why?

Lesley: My mother. She is a dreamer and she encourages me to dream big.

Honie: If you win this contest, who is the first person you will share the news with?

Lesley: My husband! He is my biggest supporter and has taught me that anything is possible.

Honie: Where is your most memorable travel destination?

Lesley: Fiji! With unbelievable surroundings, endless adventures, and the most friendly people in the world, I can’t wait to go back.

Honie: Why is this particular contest so desirable?

Lesley: This contest is the accumulation of all of my wildest dreams come true. Travel and adventure are as much a part of my life and family and friends. This contest was meant for me! Besides experiences 25 countries and winning $50,000, it will also greatly further my blogging career. It is definitely a life changer.

Honie: When did you first know that you enjoyed traveling?

Lesley: While other kids were playing dolls and dress-up, I was playing airline attendant and explorer. The passion to see, explore, and experience more was always there. Even at 8 years old, I planned a trip for my brother and I to fly and see my aunts who lived in a different province. I went as far as contacting the airline to see if we could travel alone. It’s in my blood.

Honie: Is there anything you wish you could change about air travel?

Lesley: I love being in flight, the anticipation of arriving at a new location. Every time I see a plane in the air, I think about being on it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Honie: Do you have a travel hero? If so, who?

Lesley: I admire everyone who travels! Seeing the world with your own eyes is the best education.

Honie: What is the best travel gear you have discovered?

Lesley: GoPro – it is the ultimate camera that works in every situation.

Honie: Is there a travel destination you would not recommend?

Lesley: No, even the most unassuming places have something to offer.


Honie: If you win the biggest, baddest bucket list contest, how will you

Lesley: By planning my around-the-world adventure. I enjoy the planning almost as much as the process. That’s when dreams take shape.

Honie: What was your scariest adventure?

Lesley: Flying a jet-pack. Athena, my daughter, was only a few weeks old and it was the first time I tried something extreme since giving birth. It wasn’t so much the jet pack that was scary as it was the thought of something happening to me when Athena was so dependent. I’ve since learned to manage those fears.

Honie: What was your favorite adventure?

Lesley: Flying a biplane. Spinning, flipping, and spiraling seemingly out of control is the most exhilarating feeling.

5-27-2012 5-50-45 PM
Honie: What keeps you motivated?

Lesley: My family and my desire to see the world and explore its endless possibilities.

Honie: Describe your personality in 10 words or less?

Lesley: Adventurous, free-spirited mother with a desire to explore.

Honie: Where was your first travel destination?

Lesley: I’m originally from Nova Scotia, Canada and my first travel destination was Ontario, Canada. I had traveled before that but that was my first memorable experience.

Honie: If you could only pack 5 items, what would those essential items be?

Lesley: Bathing suit, GoPro, Computer, t-shirt, shorts

Honie: Land, Air or Sea? Which do you prefer?

Lesley: All of the above!

Honie: After this, what’s next?

Lesley: Continue writing, experiencing the world, maybe strive for 60 countries by age 60.

To vote for Lesley’s entry, please visit My Destination’s Biggest, Baddest Bucket List Contest and help a blogger out.


19 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here

  1. This woman is just…all kinds of amazing and wonderful. Also, like I’m not itching enough to travel the hell away from here and explore and have adventures, I have to read this and get even more antsy. *Whispers to self* “Soon, Hala, soon”.

    Also: Just voted!! Best of luck to Lesley!

    1. She is amazing, isn’t she? I admire people who grab life by the scruff and make their dreams come true. I know what you mean about that travel bug. Where will you travel?

      1. In the near future, hopefully to the US first, and California in particular. Maybe I’ll be able to get an EFL teaching job and gather up some money first. After that? Italy, Spain, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey—you name it!

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