More Than 20 Reasons To Be Happy

Today, on this cold, grey March morning I went to my friend Susan’s house to pick her up for a visit to the Dallas Arboretum. To me, Susan’s garden is one of the happiest places on earth. Better than Disney Land, and more affordable, her certified wildlife habitat is an award-winning Water Wise wonderland filled with sweet surprises all year round. Susan’s garden is the main attraction of her neighborhood. Her Mexican Plum fills the air with the fragrance of grape Kool Aid.


I’ve posted many photos of Susan’s garden. Each time I visit there is something new to see.



I’ve wanted to capture this walkway leading to the giant frog fountains at the arboretum when the crepe myrtles are in bloom, but in the summer there are almost always people in the way. Waiting for people to move out of a shot is not my strength, but today I got lucky. Maybe this summer I’ll get lucky again.


Last fall I captured it when it was lined with pumpkins.


No grey area here! Even before we got inside, bursts of color greeted us.1-DSC_0426


So did this guy.


These photos speak for themselves.









If you’ve viewed the Book Trailer for Summoning The Strength, you’ve seen shots of Dallas Blooms from previous years. It truly is a sight to see. Each year, families from around the world come together to enjoy the beauty of this spectacular garden. Today was no different. We saw school children field trippin’ and this too cute family spending quality time together. It was another really good day! Thanks Susan.


39 thoughts on “More Than 20 Reasons To Be Happy

  1. You are my favorite. And what horse hockey! I took 112 photos with a point and shoot and none of them compare to yours. Awesome.

  2. I’m really pining for spring this year, and these pictures are gorgeous. It reminds me of what is just around the corner. Your colors are so vibrant and sharp in your photos. Do you do all of your own camera settings?

    1. The Nikon D90 has so many built in features. I mostly use auto, but from time to time I use the macro setting. I am not a professional photographer and my skill is the absolute minimum. Only slightly more than point and shoot. I hope spring finds its way to you soon.

  3. Hi Honie. What a glorious garden. And your photos do it justice. Yes, it certainly is a very happy place – I would be in my element, and wouldn’t want to leave. Maybe I could hide in the trees.

    1. Hi Helen. The arboretum is glorious. Public gardens are the gift that keeps on giving. There is an historic home on the property. I haven’t toured it, but I like to imagine what it would be like to live there and have acres of cultivated gardens right in my backyard!

  4. Gorgeous shots – I love that arbor of crepe myrtles – I love myrtles, flowers when the heat has killed off everything else. I am anxious to see the red buds and dogwoods wake up.

    1. We have a lot of people around here who commit crepe murder. It’s a shame that they chop off the tops and leave those knotty, gnarly stubs. Somehow they manage to rebloom, even when they become plagued with disease. Crepes are real performers and you’re right, they tolerate the heat like nothing else. Dogwoods aren’t around here, but they have always been my springtime fave! The next county over is a red bud haven.

    1. Nasher? I like that garden too. Minimalist – very peaceful. Your kind compliment is much appreciated. I never know for certain if any of the shots are good enough for my gallery until I see them on screen at home.

  5. Wow, these pictures are beautiful! And that b/w photo of you is great too. New addition? Is this a professional shot — it’s great. What a beautiful post. Happy weekend.

    1. Thanks Brigitte. The b/w is from the day we went to have family photos made. My loyal follower took it on our front steps just after I busted my ass on the icy driveway. HA!
      Spring has sprung! Happy weekend to you too lady!

    1. Sure Carrie. May I ask where you’re planning on taking your next trip? If it’s a spring break trip to drop off stuff at the Goodwill, I think I’m busy. HA! 🙂
      (Hope you have a productive week.)

  6. Gorgeous. You could sell a lot o calenders or cards with these photos. That purple Iris in front of the pink and green with that light is just amazing. It looks a bit surreal.

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