One Sweet Riff


A funny thing happens when a person claims not to care what others think of them. Suddenly, they find themselves needing to constantly back up their claim by making, all too apparent, attempts to show the world how much they don’t care about what others think. Except, they do care. We all do. We very much care, or we’d be running around naked, waving shredded Rage Against The Machine T-shirts on the end of a stick.

Okay, maybe not.

Wednesday night while having dinner with my loyal follower, exchanging our usual how was your day dear, I remarked that it would be easier to write a book about the Indie Author experience than to complete my current work in progress. The title of this clever chronicle sure to collect dust on the .99 cent rack garner overwhelming interest, you ask?

That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It!

However, after consulting the oracle checking Amazon, it turns out Spike Lee has already used that title. It’s too bad because I came up with some good chapter titles.

“The Vernacular Is What The Vernacular Is”

“Blurbs & Other B Words”

“Margaritas & Marketing: A Dynamic Duo”

I could crank out that kind of stuff, but the marketplace is loaded with it. So, I am going to stick with my current project which is projected to be available…yeah, still TBD. NBD – it’s not like I have a contract. I have chosen the cover art. I think. What do you think?


Yesterday I allowed myself to be distracted by the SXSW Keynote given by Dave Grohl. He doesn’t care what I think, and so, I’ll refrain from critique. Suffice to say, it seems Indie’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Of course, when Doritos calls wanting to be my platinum sponsor, yeah, it’s a full on grab & go. I don’t care what anyone thinks!

Can you imagine? Yeah, me neither.

30 thoughts on “One Sweet Riff

  1. Love the cover – I’m not a fan of shadows on text with serifs (strange graphic design rule) but I do love the photo treatment. I should design a cover, maybe that will get me back to editing. Can’t wait to read the guts 🙂

  2. Go ahead and judge me (See? I don’t care what others think!! 😀 ) – I judge books by covers. At least, I judge ebooks by covers. And, yes, bound books, too, but the cover carries much less weight.

    Since I can’t hold the ebook in my hands and read the flaps and look at the back cover and though I can often read the first page, I can never read the last page (Yeah, I know, weird… I read the first and last page of a book I’m considering. Always.) I have to decide based on something, and oh-so-often it ends up being the cover that tips the scale. It’s true.

    The cover art you posted… it would intrigue me. What are these trees, that look a bit like amethyst crystals? Do they have anything to do with the story, and what might strain my belief?

    My vote: love it. 😀

  3. Love the covers, but then I am a big fan of anything purple. Also love the music! I often think….hmmm, don’t care what others think, then I look in my closet and can’t find my torn tees and resort to full on dress-for-success and cover the body. Must care.

    1. There’s an extreme on either end of that stick, isn’t there? I don’t know which has cost me more, caring not at all or caring too much. These days I’m somewhere in between. Answered the door in my pajamas…yeah, it was 1 in the afternoon, but so what, later I sat in a city council meeting wearing “corporate attire” waiting to receive a proclamation from the Mayor. By the way, March is Red Cross Month.

    1. I do have good taste in music and that must mean you do too. I’m glad you like the cover. I took the photo at Borghese Park in Rome. We walked there from our hotel one glorious day last October. It was magical. Of course, the trees weren’t purple. I did a little color editing, but I really like the effect.

  4. Ha! You are so funny Honie. Thanks for that laugh. Time for me to go to Facebook and reassure everyone that I really don’t care what they think. 😉

    Perhaps we take that saying too literally. Of course I care what people think and feel.I like to learn about others opinions except for nasty ones like certain ugly mouthed ignorance pandering talk show hosts. I like to create positive feelings in those with whom I interact. However, I don’t care if people do not like my work. We all have our own ideas. It takes a lot of weirdos to make a world and to at least somebody we are weird. When someone does like my work though I care a great deal. It’s a satisfying feeling. It’s an honored feeling.

    The cover goes great with the title. I’m still lost on the cover for my book that publishes in 2 weeks. The first 3 were so easy. I thought they all would be!

  5. Is there some kind of supernatural element to this? I like it a lot, it just looks as if there’s some spooky goings-on and the title, Beyond Belief — am I right or am I, as I usually am reading way too much into something?

    (P.S. Funny the running around naked waving shredded t-shirts on a stick thing.) 😀

    1. Supernatural, no. Super natural, maybe. 😀 Yeah, it’s one of those religions where people get hopped up on Monster Energy and paint their faces with Dorito dust. Then they rend their garments and shout out their credit scores until the bands come on stage. Kids today!

  6. Haven’t Jethro Tull for a few years. Quite a few, actually. Good stuff! “Indies just another word for nothing left to lose,”. Nice use of Me and Bobby Mcgee. Another really great song. I liked Janis Joplin’s cover. And speaking of covers, yours is terrific.

    1. Yes, the left is the back. I’m really not wanting to put text on the back because I don’t want to take away from the image, but I know there will have to be some text – book description, blurb from the NY Times, etc…HA!

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