The Post That Almost Wasn’t – For Several Reasons


Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

The answer does not waver. Even when he frustrates and aggravates me, the most important person in my life is my loyal follower. That’s why he has his own page.

In my phone, the ICE

In my heart, the ♫DO-RE-MI♫

In my life, the VIP

Sometimes VIP stands for very irritating person. The story of how we met says a great deal. The story of how we’ve endured says more. The continuing story grows better with each passing day. Now that he is fully trained, he resets the clocks when the power goes out, takes out the trash and makes sure the bird feeders are full. He runs scans on my computer and makes sure the Apps on my iPad are updated. He also offers suggestions for dinner and makes sure there is ice cream in the freezer for desert.

So, I suppose I’d have to start doing all of that stuff if my VIP wasn’t around.

I believe the difference in my day-to-day existence would be somewhat the difference between that of a shining star and sinking stone, between singing and smothering, the difference between a warm embrace and slicing chill. Any given day differing only by degrees of remembrance of our days together, making my existence one without regret.

My traveling companion for better or worse, you are very important to me and I will love you all of my days. Oh, and don’t forget, the clocks spring forward tomorrow.


I spent about an hour writing the above post only to find that when it was ready to publish, my internet connection was down. Being a joiner has never worked out for me.


It’s true. Each time I join an organization, it shortly thereafter goes through a complete reorganization. In the military, when it was time for me to make Sergeant, the rank was eliminated and the requirement to become an NCO changed. ***edit*** I met my loyal follower when he was training me to be a leader.***

I was a propulsion specialist until someone in a conference room somewhere decided everyone needed know how to do everyone else’s job. So, I learned how to change tires, pump fuel, marshal aircraft, and some other stuff. Of course, in reality what this did was create only a handful of us who really knew how to do all of the jobs with any level of proficiency, and so, the large and in charge eventually changed it back to the way it was before. I have no idea how many times it has changed since.

I’ve lost count of the number of corporate reshuffles that have separated me from my VIP until I was able relocate. I’d like to meet the guy who first uttered the phrase: ‘Just because we’ve always done it that way doesn’t mean that’s the way we should do it.’

To that guy I would say, “Dude, if it’s just a little bit broken don’t completely eff it up!” 


14 thoughts on “The Post That Almost Wasn’t – For Several Reasons

  1. Great tribute. I like that it includes the irritating stuff because working out the whole spectrum helps make a marriage special. And something tells me he just might have a list of nice things you do!

  2. Although I resent the “fully trained” bit a little, that was like sitting on your couch and having a nice chat. Cool. (Actually warm…but cool.)

  3. Hi Honie. Nice post. I enjoyed reading about how you met your husband – very funny! I like your line – ‘I want to be reinspected’. Great opening. Yes, VIPs can be very irritating at times, but I think couples today give up too easily on their marriage. Yes, it takes a lot of work and commitment to want to work at it . My husband and I will have been married for 19 years this April (but have been together for nearly 25 years) and he has just learnt to cook his own steak, do his washing, and put out the cutlery and tomato sauce at dinner time. Yahoo! But when I look at all the things he has done for me without prompting or question, I can overlook (gritting my teeth) using the washing machine with only two small garments rolling around in the suds. You and your husband look very happy together, Honie.

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