See You In The Funny Papers

I don’t usually post on the weekend, but the news today is straight up Twilight Zone. 

Dennis Rodman is now Secretary of State delivering a message from North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, “Tell Obama to call me,” [love ya, mean it]. What kind of bizarre joke is this? Meanwhile, the President and Mrs. Obama make the talk show circuit. The only ones disturbed by this are me and Whoopi Goldberg? 

The View

I could ignore this non-sense, truly I am not one bit interested in the politics, but not even I have an imagination good enough to conjure up a Gérard Depardieu style escape from the madness. So, my refuge is in the Sunday comics. Today, that Scott Adams is some kind of genius. If only Dilbert could get elected to congress or better yet, host SNL.

Yeah, that would really get the public engaged.

Photo Credit:
The View - Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images

19 thoughts on “See You In The Funny Papers

      1. I’ve been… struggling to make sense of it all, I guess. Work got very busy for one thing. And I’ve been feeling like I’m as out of place here at WP as I am in the world in general. Not sure if I’m going to move on to other things or have another go at it.

        1. Well, I’m sure glad you decided to stop by for a visit. I thought maybe there was something more interesting happening. I’m out of place everywhere I go, but we all have to be somewhere. 😀

          1. “No matter where you go,…. there you are.” Lily Tomlin 🙂

            It just feels like my place is always “outside of” … whatever everyone else seems to be inside of. [shrug] Maybe it’s just the winter blahs.

            1. I think a lot of people feel that way Symthe. Not that that is a great comfort to know. (It never is to me anyway.) So, I’m probably the very last person to give advice. Certainly, though the feeling will pass. If you have to step away for a while or change direction altogether, you’re a smart guy, you’ll figure out what makes you happy. In the mean time, smile. That’s what we’re here for. 🙂

              1. Thanks for the kind words! I sometimes think that’s the one thing that’s saved my sanity; it’s very, very difficult to torpedo my sense of humor. In fact, sometimes the worse things get, the more that sense gets ratcheted up.

    1. …getting more strange with every sunrise. Of course, there have been people throughout history who thought this. So, really there’s nothing new under the sun. HA!

  1. I shamefully admit that I didn’t believe you about Rodman until I saw it on a Canadian news channel last night! Sorry. I am glad, however, that I CAN ignore this nonsense. And Funny Farm does spring to mind.

    1. I wouldn’t have believed it myself if it hadn’t been plastered everywhere I looked all weekend. No doubt celebrity has its advantages when getting a message out, such as an awareness of suffering of some sort, but this…this was a no class, no go as far as I am concerned. Of course, as desperate attention grabs go, nobody does it better.

  2. Add me to disturbed. Rodman really disturbed me, his rambling about basketball and the President freaked me right out. Not so freaked out by the talk shows, actually. But the combination, as the say “To the moon Alice, to the moon.”

  3. I saw that freak show thing you’re referring to and no, you and Whoopi aren’t the only ones. They’re coming to take us away, hee-hee, ha-ha…

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