Wouldn’t It Be Bloggerly


♫ ♫All we want is a post out there worth our reader’s time to share and comment if they care. Oh, wouldn’t it be bloggerly?  ♫ ♫Lots of followers for us to treat, lots of likes – wouldn’t that be sweet? More views, more news more tweets! ♫ ♫

♫ ♫Oh wooooouldn’t it be bloggerly? ♫ ♫

Okay, so I pilfered repurposed that tune from one of my favorite movies of all time, my fair bloggers, but it was the only way I could get it out of my head. If you’ve never seen Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, you are missing out on a classic performance. I love the scene at the race track when Eliza forgets for a moment that she is in the company of ladies and gentlemen and shouts out, “Come on Dover, come on Dover, move your bloomin’ ass!” That is totally something I would have done.


The public forum of blogging is civilized, for the most part; people are supportive and polite to one another. That has been my experience. I haven’t had to post the statement:


Topics here vary widely depending on not much more than the barometric pressure and what strikes me as worth writing about. I know that not everything I write is everyone’s cup of tea. It’s interesting that just about the time I start thinking I have nothing more to say, inspirations taps me on the shoulder. This week it was a voice message from my dad saying that he was calling for no reason in particular, just wanted to say “Nice pictures, keep on blogging.” That my dad takes the time to read my blog is HUGE to me.


Questioning whether or not to keep blogging is something I do at least once a week from time to time. This usually happens on days when I’ve had to resist the temptation to repurpose something I wrote that NOBODY, not even my dad, read. Don’t worry; I will bore you with an inventory of my obsolete skills before I dredge up tales from the crypt.

As another week comes to a close and a new month is beginning, I think it’s time to give a shout out to some ladies and gentlemen who inspired me in February. It’s the bloggerly thing to do. Thanks to EVERYONE for reading, writing, sharing, and in one way or another unwittingly contributing to my effort to keep on blogging.

Michelle @ The Green Study

Lorri @ The Eff Stop

Brian and Shannon @ Everywhere Once

Darla @ She’s A Maineiac

Carrie @ The Write Transition

Mark @ Mark My Words

Leah @ Impower You

24 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Be Bloggerly

  1. First poetry, and now song – what will you do for an encore? That scene at the racetrack is my favorite too. I really appreciate the shout out, there are times I think I may have pushed “publish” on one too many bird posts 🙂 It so cool that your dad reads your posts. I love hearing from family member who have been quietly following along.

    1. Encore…maybe this week I’ll get outside and take some shots of springtime. I really wanted to capture ones of the birds building a nest in a ceramic jug on my patio, but they’ve moved to the next phase – sitting on the eggs. Can’t wait to hear the tiny, fragile “chirps” and watch the mama bring home the bacon. (worms)

  2. Thanks for the mention, Honie – back at you! It’s lifted my spirits a bit…I’m bit bloggerly sloggerly these last few weeks. You have such a strong, clear, fearless voice and I SO appreciate that – it inspires me to push ahead!

    1. Hey S.W. – yeah for some reason I’ve had an issue lately with that like button and notifications and following. One blog in particular I clicked the follow button several times and it never did work. Oh well, it’s techNOlogic. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks.

  3. Great post Honie! I love My Fair Lady, but I love with your lyrics. They are now on permanent ‘replay’ in my head. Can’t find the ‘off’ button. I also often question as to whether to continue blogging, if it is worth the time spent doing so, and if anyone does read my posts. But I love your work – you have a lovely honesty and humour in your writing! Have a great weekend. Look forward to more of your posts.

  4. Loverly post, Honie! I’m still listening to the video you posted; I love musicals. Great picture with the curtain blowing in the window. I’ll be checking your blogging shoutouts (except for Carrie; she’s already a favorite of mine).

  5. Thanks for the nod! Your blog is inspiring me, I loved your poems. (love the photos in this post). I think of quitting blogging every week too. But I get drawn back in somehow. Have a good weekend, Honie.

    1. Thank you Darla. Yeah, it’s like Pringles (Doritos for me) once you start you can’t stop. How’s the snow situation up there on this first day of March? The first year we lived in Texas, we had a freak snow storm (less than a foot accumulation) mid March.

      1. It’s not too bad here now. We have a few inches on the ground. March normally is the worst month for snow, ice, rain and general gloominess. We’ll probably get socked with a couple more big snows storms before April. Sigh.

  6. Thanks so much for the mention! My husband just called for me to go watch ‘Justified’ with him, and I told him, “Hold on, I just want to read Honie’s post first.” And over I came, and look what I found. Thanks for thinking of me, and I find it ironic that I inspired you, because your posts always inspire me!

    Have a great weekend! Oh, and I loved your first picture. I think I could spend a couple hours in that sweet store…

  7. Bravo to your My Fair Lady.repurposing. I look forward to a full-length WordPress remake someday in which Eliza spends an hour reciting the phrase, “The blogs in Prague clog groggily in the fog!”

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