The Long And Short Of It


Face Facts

Everyone has strengths. Everyone has limitations. Everyone has failures. Everyone has doubts. Everyone has secrets that not everyone needs to know.


Calm down

Most things that seem like a crisis aren’t. In a real emergency, there are people ready to help. All you need to know is who they are.

1-DSC_0913 Listen up

There are billions of people on the planet and chances are one of them has made a mistake from which we can learn how not to screw up. Choose to ignore this, you’re on your own.

1-DSC_0904Look around

Beauty is all over the place.

1-DSC_0905Press on

Do the best you can with what you have. Break the cycle, break the chains, break the rules, break away, break in, break out, break up, break down, break dance and get on with the business of living before you drop dead.



1-DSC_0196 1-DSC_0018 1-DSC_0021



55 thoughts on “The Long And Short Of It

  1. Break bread, break a leg (but not literally), do NOT break bad – nothing good will come of that – and, like Matthew Wilder cautioned, don’t let anything break your stride. Oh, and break fast, too. Especially if it includes bacon and eggs.

        1. Yep, all of these are public and private gardens I have visited from Fort Worth to Dallas. Garden clubs and garden tours are very popular all over the Metroplex. Both the Dallas Arboretum and Fort Worth Botanic Gardens are amazing. I’d live there if they’d let me. 🙂

  2. Wow. You can call it a day now. You’ve fixed the world with this post, covering all the important highlights of living. Some of it reminded me of Beatnik poetry – it has rhythm. Great pictures as well!

    1. The Hammer Head Poet Society meets for Beatnik night at the airport Ramada twice a month. This was my set on Save the World Save Yourself night. Next month’s theme is March Into Spring. I’m thinking of wearing fatigues and a sun bonnet while rapping the lyrics to America. “O beau-T-full for Spa-shus skies for am-BER wa-wa-waves of gra-gra-grain…whattaya think?

  3. I love this post Honie. Your amazing photos match your inspirational words perfectly. Indeed less complaining, and more of being grateful for the wonderful things that are around us.

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