The Brass Tassel

Brass TasselThe thing was so heavy there was no way I could have accidentally left the hotel with the key in my pocket. The morning we left Florence for Naples I held the key one last time, gripping it, feeling the full weight of the heavy brass in my hand. When we checked in, we’d been asked to drop off the key each time we left the hotel. For safety reasons, we assumed. It hadn’t occurred to me to be concerned with safety. I’d never felt safer or more free for that matter. Days and nights exploring, soaking in the sights, savoring the experience with childlike naiveté was one thing that made it so pleasurable.

That morning, as we made our way to the train station, I couldn’t stop thinking about the opulent rooms of the hotel, once a private residence for the wealthy and important or that I’d held a key to one of those rooms. I will never forget that.

This morning, as I made the rounds to some of my favorite blogs, I knew I should be writing. Commenting on blogs isn’t going to get my work done, but it’s so much more fun than buffing and polishing a manuscript. I was scrolling through photos, daydreaming really, when my son came into the office and snapped me back into the moment, saying something about homework. Suddenly I remembered the topic of this post.

Like the weight of that brass tassel, procrastination holds me, grips me. I think I’m longing for the pleasure I felt that morning. Knowing I’d experienced something special, knowing that if the journey ended there, I would have been completely satisfied.


33 thoughts on “The Brass Tassel

  1. Wonderfully said!! Loved it. As you well know, procrastination and I are old friends. Wait, can I call it my friend if I hate it but we seem to go together like two peas in a pod (to use a tired cliche?)

    1. Hey Brigitte. Today was moderately more productive. I managed to rework two chapters right out of the draft altogether. Editing is my nemesis. Of course, so is marketing. And Doritos. And spam. What’s the plural of nemesis? Nemesii? Nice of you to stop by – late or early makes no difference, I’m always happy to see you.

      1. Nemeses, I think. Well, you’re doing MUCH better than I am. If there is another grey (or gray) day here, I’m going to scream. It’s looked like freaking England along the moors here today. Werewolf weather. Foggy, misty.

  2. My mom got a key like that at a hotel in Sicily. You could really cause some serious injury with those things! I sympathize with your dilemma regarding writing vs blog reading/commenting, my friend. It’s the ultimate procrastination method and it’s always there!

    1. Damage, yes, nothing like a fist of brass to make someone’s day. Brass knuckles!
      I only paused from writing for a moment and what do ya know, a comment from Madame Weebles…I must reply…okay, back to work!!! Oh, it’s almost two o’clock, I need a sandwich. HA!

  3. I very much enjoyed reading your post! You encompassed the concepts of nostalgia and ambition perfectly, and it brought on very good feelings. Wonderful writing, thank you for sharing! : )

  4. I sometimes wish for more time to procrastinate 🙂 I’m terrible at getting anything but work done in a timely manner these days and I find I have to steal time to be creative.

    1. I miss the rush of everything having to be done “right now” and actually believe I would be more productive if I did have a bit of pressure. I think I’m just stalled out right now because the story isn’t gushing toward completion like Summoning The Strength did.
      Plus uncertainty, that cross eyed cousin of insecurity….UUGGGGH!

  5. Ah yes, procrastination. I know it well. I now make myself work on my WIP for 1-2 hours before I open up any social media in the morning. It’s a good feeling to know I’ve logged 1,000 to 2,000 words before I get to the more fun, less taxing stuff like blog reading. 🙂

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