A Response

To predatory lenders that use the postal service, the telephone, and the internet to offer credit to anyone who has little or no ability to repay debt

To greedy bastards who hide behind attorneys

To putrid scum that floats on social media like this:

facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407324248 x New Boyfriend badge is now avaialble and it only goes to my heighst tipper, if they can maintain there boyfriend status for a period of time (see boyfriend page)Also now available is the Christmas Badge tip 600 tokens and get yourself a special prezzie from your princess! Happy Holidays!

facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407327534 x Johan Liljegren November 13, 2007 Jeff,Great to get some new blog tips! However, the link to Matt Evans’ The Admin Exchange is most likely incecrort, as it is the same as the one to Salesforce Times.My Google karma doesn’t give me any tips on where to find it either. Do you have an updated link to it?Regards//Johan

To pathetic excuses for leadership who wouldn’t know a legitimate rape if it were being perpetrated on the entire American public right in front of them

To zealots and fear mongers who prey on the weak to sustain their own delusions

To vile, reprehensible wastes of human flesh who should be dismembered for violating the body of another human being

To apathetic, vapid creatures who take up precious oxygen with their mockery and do nothing more than strengthen the arguments in favor of both abstinence and abortion

There may be no outrage fierce enough to compel swift action against you. There may be no resources powerful enough to expose all of you.  There may be no penalty harsh enough to punish you. But there is no force strong enough, no indifference discouraging enough, no deceit or hatred wicked enough to keep us from trying to defeat you.

11 thoughts on “A Response

  1. I love posts like this written from a place of utter “had enoughness”. When you read them you can feel the energy running through them. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I’ll be sharing it on my Twitter feed. Xo beck

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