Not For Bot Consumption

Teaser The WordPress Automaticians created a great annual report for each of us that gives an overview of our 2012 blog performance. The fireworks are quite impressive. I’m not sure the report takes into account the impact of my spambot audience. One of the places from which views were most referred seems to be a scumbot email address.

I really want a super-sonic laser-pingback that fires a shit storm at spammers.
I really want one of those super-sonic laser-pingbacks that fires a shit storm at spammers.

I put together this list to show what I spent the last year writing for actual human readers. It isn’t a comprehensive list. I mean, who’d want to hack through re-hash 217 posts? Nope, this is just a snippet to give you the most bang for your blog viewing buck. So, for those who have nothing better to do on this New Year’s Eve, here are the categories.

In The Weeds

In The Weeds

What A Friend Won’t Tell You

Word Count: 185566 Words Later

Good Grief

Blogging From The Heart

Blogging Makes My World Go Round


Original Poetry

Not Quite Out Of Touch

Perception Is Not Reality

Life Right On Time

Variations On A Blogging Theme

Another One Of Those Days

The Unvarnished Truth About Being Freshly Pressed


The Deep End

Any Port In A Storm

Provoking My Thoughts

The Self Talk

Stray Dogs

Pick A Thought Any Thought: The Magical Anatomy Of The Blog

Bird Brain Ideas Duck And Cover



Color Commentary

(Something for the sports fans.)

Back To Reality

Nothing But Net

Blogging High On The Crimson Tide

How to too

Honie’s How To

(Something for the do-it-yourselfers)

How To Use Simple Math To Become Something We’re Not

How To Write About Something Stupid: I Mean Really Stupid

How To Mind Your Own Business

How To Spot BS Without X-Ray Vision

How To Be Married Like You Mean It

How To

Special Days

Every Day Is Mother’s Day

What I Learned From Frances

The Price Of Fatherhood

What Did You Say

It Was A Really Good Day

Exquisite Indulgence

Days I Should’ve Done Something Besides Blogging

(This was an embarrassingly long list. So, I scrapped it.)

 Shit Nobody Read

(This was another embarrassingly long list I decided to delete because not even I could discover a nugget that needed salvaging.)


What A Rant-O-Rama

(Surprisingly not a longer list. Seriously.)

Message From

Who Do They Think They’re Fooling

Mayday Mayday Mayday Reason Reason Reason

An Open Letter To Doctors

What’s Wrong With This Picture

Yesterday’s News

For The Love Of God What Is Wrong With These People

What The Flim Flam

What Fresh Hell Is This

The Drug Mule

360 Degree View

dot com

Shameless Self-Promotion

(Not embarrassing. That’s why it’s called shameless.)

Honie Is Blogging, Seriously?

Summoning The Strength: The Preface

Self Publishing: One Year And Counting

Smashing Good Times

Self Publishing Insiders Trading

It Was My Lucky Day Interlude

What Self Publishing Means To Me

Because It’s Better Than Having Your Guts Ripped Out By A Wheat Thresher


100% Pure Honie

How I Met Larry McMurtry

Living In The Moment

Take It Any Way You Want

What Happened When The Power Went Out

Jury Duty

Time To Flip The Scrip

A Matter Of Death And Life


Coming Out Of A Summertime Coma

Blog Bling Prevents Erectile Dysfunction

Thanks For Reading.

2013 Is Gonna Be A Blast!

BiG BanG

11 thoughts on “Not For Bot Consumption

  1. ah yes, I’ve just had a good old clear out as well and I don’t mean one caused by too many mince pie and sprout combos…..though that would be quite a spectacular fireman’s hose/shit storm. Nope, Sir Spamalot has been wielding his trusty (or should that be rusty?) sword, of mixed metaphors, random strings of words and incomprehensible sentences, and bombarding my spam filter with more Xmas tat than you can shake a highly flammable, made in China synthetic stocking at. It does however make the genuine article so much more appreciated 🙂

    1. So very true. The genuine article is very much appreciated. The spam-a-lama-ding-dongs are just a damn nuisance, aren’t they? Here’s to 2013, may it be spam free.
      (fat chance) 🙂

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