Confessions Of A Constant Commenter

If you’re reading this, you are one of hundreds of followers possibly the best seventeen people in the world. You know that I freely share my skepticism observations of the bullshit nonsense I read in the news. Who did Petraeus piss off? What a shitstorm!

Blogs I follow are creative, artistic, and as far as can tell, written by decent, thoughtful people who are similar to me in some way – foodies, thinkers, photo nuts, writerly, comic geniuses, etc. As I’ve said before, I save the venting and ranting for my own blog, commenting elsewhere only if I believe I have something worthwhile to add to the conversation or if I’m trying to be funny or supportive. Recently, in a moment of weakness, I made a freakishly long comment on a well-written post. I was in total agreement with the post, but my comment kinda went off the rails (just a bit) and ever since then I find myself scrubbing my comments.

Just this morning I started to comment on a terrific post about how budget travel advice often misses an important component; the traveler’s actual enjoyment of the experience. I wanted to say, I wonder how enjoyable Rachel Ray would have found that $40 dollar a day food budget if every other part of her trip had not been comped. Alas I decided that the exceptional writing of that post deserved more than my smart-ass remark. So, instead of hitting “post comment,” yeah, I deleted it.

The same thing happened on another post. I wanted to comment that Black Friday isn’t my thing. Never has been, never will be. I wrote that and some other stuff, but ultimately deleted my comment, thinking to myself, nobody cares if it repulses you to see snatching, clawing, hoarding freaks who spend money they don’t have on shit they don’t need so they can impress people who couldn’t care less about them. People who then turn around and donate their worn out, used up crap to charity so they can feel better about their materialistic selves. It seems charities don’t want our used crap, only our cash.

Hey charities, people don’t have cash!!!! They only have used crap!!!!

Then, of course, ever wanting to lend credence to just how damaging that bitch the self-talk can be, I chimed in with a two-bit comment on Fear No Weebles, but completely censored what I really wanted to say. It surely would have been loaded with expletives. We all have things that set us off. Users. Posers. Defeatist voices from our past. Stupid rules, ridiculous mandates, know-it-all wise asses who try to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. “Don’t go to bed angry.” “Don’t drive angry.” “Don’t write angry.”

Just what the hell are you supposed to do when you’re angry? Count to ten? Scream into a pillow? Google anger management techniques? Sometimes getting angry burns off the crap in our heads so we can think clearly.

I want to say to hell with passive-aggressive behavior. If you’re gonna be aggressive, BE aggressive!!! (yeah, I censored out the F King) I want to say we need not a recitation of the mundane, but a venting of the rage. If you say that, you’re an anarchist, a heretic, a freakin’ lunatic in need of serious help.

Next time there is a battle royale between my gravitar speaking in emoticon and me speaking in my own voice, I’m going to just go scream into a pillow! 🙂 😉 😛 😮

Oingo! Boingo!

189 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Constant Commenter

  1. honie, this is such a GOOD post. seriously, the blogging world would be a sad, sad place without you in it. and my blog would suffer greatly. so, PLEASE don’t ever censor yourself in my space because i love everything you write. also, i think this is really relevant to what you were saying here, give it a read when you have time: and congrats on the fp! it is so deserved. XO, sm

    1. Awww, Sweet Mother your are too kind. You may love everything I write, but a reason for that might be that I do try to measure the appropriateness of my comments when visiting other blogs. Sometimes I comment, thinking I am oh so funny, when in fact my meaning may be easily misunderstood because I don’t always remember other people aren’t actually in my head when I write. (Hard to believe, I know.) Honestly, the point of my constant commenter confession post (which btw, wasn’t written with even the slightest inkling that it would be read by hundreds of readers) was not that I have a problem speaking my mind. The point that completely got rolled was that I do comment a lot, but try to make my comments meaningful, funny and supportive.

      This post was written after a really bad week. I was doing my usual perusal of my favorite blogs, but when I started commenting, I noticed I really wasn’t taking into consideration the intent of the other blogger. So, I scrubbed my comments and wrote this rant of my own instead. Other bloggers don’t deserve my rant on their blogs. My rants can go completely off the rails. So, I save them for the place where I can edit them; my own blog. Too funny that it got FP’d and very few people who commented even paid attention to what I had really said.

      I love your blog, I think you are awesome and you can count on me to show up and if I can contribute to conversation, I will. 🙂 xoxo Oh, and I will take a look at the link you shared. THANKS so much for your comment. I means a lot to me.

  2. A fellow ranter. Lovely to meet you. Congrats on the FP achievement! WRT your post, truthfully, it all depends on what you’re after. If you want to keep everybody happy and probably up your blog traffic/following, censor…if you’ve got something you want to say that strikes true and you feel that’s more important, go with it. Folks will understand or they won’t, be prepared for that, but don’t let it get to you. Some people can’t see anything but through their filters, and some people are just _____es.

  3. I think a lot of us tend to censor our posts, especially since Internet reputations have become such a prominent measure of one’s self in the outside world as well. Never know when a possible new boss might Google you just to find you’ve gone off on a bender on some idiot who richly deserved it lol. Not always the best first impression, but a great way to vent!

  4. I’ve been actively blogging for 7 years and on my first blog I gathered something like 1,5 million hits (which was rather spectacular ’cause it was only read within Norway) Now I have a more ‘international blog which in the passing of three weeks has been read in 24 countries – so far!
    Pictures are international breaking all language barriers! During this time I have obtained one golden rule on ‘blogging’: ‘If what you are about to say to a fellow blogger coudln’t be said directly to his face, don’t say it!’
    Or you could re-phrase it in such a way that it could be said directly to his/her face. And if you cannot re-phrase it? Then you should absolutely not write such a comment 🙂

    ‘Real friends’ are a valuable asset, ment to last a lifetime. Treat them well!

  5. Honie,
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. And I found your post all by myself like a big boy! I’m so proud of myself…

    Now. When you’re on A Clown on Fire, please pull up a chair, and make yourself at home. If you feel like dropping the F bomb, or quote Lars Von Trier, in his native tongue, with no translation, by all means! And stay as long as you want. I will also take the silent treatment, if you so prefer. But I might not take it as well…
    Le Clown

  6. I love it! I can totally relate to the self censor part. It is frustrating when people judge us for what we choose to show others. I find myself being stuck with talking about food most of the time because it is the safest topic. But heck, in an age of Facecrook, we may have forgotten how to write snail mails and carry a conversation that is beyond 150 characters!!

    1. No doubt the art of letter writing is going the way of the carrier pigeon. Your comment made me think, there are worse things to be judged for, like the contour of our bodies, the size of our homes who we vote for….
      I appreciate your comment.

  7. Comment on my stuff. All the time. Do it. I dare you. I am not afraid of what you say to me. (Unless it’s mean because if it is, I will cry. I am kind of a pseudo-tough-girl.) Loved your honesty! 🙂

  8. A constant commenter…I can appreciate this. Blogging is hard work. Fulfilling but hard work. Real comments from real people (not spam) let us know folks are reading our work. And they don’t have to always agree so long as its done in a tasteful way. I like that you leave a comment to let folks know you stopped by. I do that too!

    1. Yes! Thank you.
      The title says it doesn’t it? I am a constant commenter, unafraid to add my voice to the conversation. When what I have to say is relevant.
      Yes! Writing entertaining, inspirational content is hard work. And you are correct, it is fulfilling. Sometimes for no other reason than you like what you’ve written, and when another human (not bot entity) appreciates what you’ve written, gets it, takes the time to leave a thoughtful, supportive or funny comment. EUREKA!
      Thanks for your comment. Also, I checked out your blog. Nice! When I have some time, I’ll be back with a comment. (or five)

  9. You can comment on my blog. If it’s too weird I just won’t post it. LOL, Only kidding… or am I?
    You gave me such a laugh. I think I actually heard what I imagine to be your voice when reading that. Great post.

  10. I work on the logic that if you share it in the public online sphere (or semi-public of Facebook), you should expect it to be commented on and you should expect not to like all the comments. If you want to express your opinions without having to listen to competing opinions, you should go work on Fox News. So go ahead, make those comments, create a little mayhem, call people out on their biases and falsehoods. Life’s too short to tip-toe around everyone.

  11. mmm.. There’s a fine line between commenting and being a troll. I think comments are brilliant, express your opinion and your interest (withoute being nasty of course) and if someone is offended or upset by what you said then they can just delete the comment or ignore it. Or is that easier said than done?

  12. Now I’m afraid to comment on this post 🙂
    I do comment on most blogs I read. I know I appreciate when people comment on mine so I do the same for them. I don’t censor myself because I think that’s what blogging is about, being honest, being you.
    If a commenter disagrees with me, I definitely wouldn’t want them to censor themselves. As long as they’re not downright rude (and by this I don’t mean rude words – my blog is full of ’em :)), or disrespectful to other commenters then I welcome the dialogue.
    Just my tuppence worth. Great post, love your writing style and you just bought yourself a new follower. Congrats on the FP.

  13. From experience, everything I feel is all about me…
    For e.g. if your response to something (reading a blog) changes after you taking an action (commenting); it is also about you… I suggest congratulating yourself on observing your ‘self’… What do you think? Love you! Jyo

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