Disaster Relief

When the flood water recedes, and it will, there will be much work to be done. Recovery efforts require everyone working together to complete the important tasks of clearing debris, assessing damage and getting lives back to normal. How we handle crisis, help our neighbors, encourage each other – these are our strengths. Hundreds of volunteers are  providing comfort and care to those affected by the storm in shelters prepared to assist anyone displaced from their home by Hurricane Sandy.

To locate loved ones in the path of Hurricane Sandy who have registered they are SAFE and WELL visit here: http://www.redcross.org/find-help/contact-family

To find a Red Cross Shelter visit here: http://www.redcross.org/find-help/shelter

To donate to the American Red Cross visit here: http://www.redcross.org/charitable-donations

To stay updated on what’s happening with the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts visit here: http://newsroom.redcross.org/

It may be darkest before the dawn, but dawn’s early light is our finest hour. 

5 thoughts on “Disaster Relief

  1. A terrible storm hitting people who didn’t know what to expect – and now the weather is turning brutally cold.
    Not a fan of Red Cross or FEMA ( for many reasons – but that another time), but thanks to Salvation Army, all the church groups, marathon runners, and volunteers who arrive with much needed commonsense supplies and blankets without requiring paperwork.
    Neighbors helping neighbors – regardless of beliefs – America at her finest.

    1. So true neighbors helping neighbors is a shining example of Americans at their finest. The American Red Cross doesn’t require paperwork for people to receive food, water, blankets and other items such as formula/diapers and Piper puppy stuffed animals given to children. In order to make sure enough supplies, staff, beds, and mental health workers are available at shelters there is registration paperwork needed for shelter guests. The Red Cross is staffed by volunteers whose goal is to be prepared to relieve human suffering, provide comfort and care with impartiality and neutrality to all humans not only during a natural disaster, but also every day events such as house/apartment fires and other incidents that cause people to be displaced from their homes 365 days (and nights) a year. Also, to provide canteen services to fire fighters and other public safety workers. Military families, prisoners of war and refugees receive assistance from the Red Cross during peacetime and war time. I am a big fan of the Red Cross/Red Crescent organization. 🙂

      1. Your experience is very different from mine, my families’, and friends’.
        Many WW II vets. had some justifiable very harsh words for that group.
        I was willing to look past that until incidents involving the Red Cross and their use of donated money after Katrina. Then there was a local tornado, and several other hurricanes.
        It is a big organization and there is good and bad involved in anything that size – but they have a long way to go to earn my trust and donations.
        We do need to help our neighbors those in need. Many organizations do just that.
        Everyone must do what work for them

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