Exquisite Indulgence

There are destinations that make you want to return year after year, there are places that make you want to learn to airbrush and open a souvenir stand. Then there are those rare jewels that arouse such desire that you’d cash in what’s left of your 401K and check out for the rest of your life. The Amalfi Coast is such a place. This paradise perched along a rocky peninsula hugged by a narrow, winding roadway and kissed by sapphire and emerald waters will take your breath away, leaving you forever changed.

Amalfi Coast

Positano, Italy

We were enraptured in the arms of Hotel Palazzo Murat. Then we gave in to the siren’s call and traveled by boat from picture perfect Positano to the Isle of Capri.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Capri Hotel Caesar Augustus

We enjoyed the vista from the terrace of the Caesar Augustus atop Anacapri.


Our appetite was satisfied on the return trip in the romantic cove of La Conca del Sogno. The servers enticed us with so many suggestions and I think we ended up with one of everything on the menu. We ate and ate until we were both completely stuffed. I was distracted by a woman at another table in love with the sound of her own voice. She didn’t stop talking to her lunch companions, and anyone within earshot, for the entire meal. She irritated me in three different languages! We were ready to leave, but had forgotten that we’d also ordered fish. When it arrived I didn’t think I could eat another bite. We may have offended the owner, who came by and asked what was wrong with the fish. It was light and tasty. While we finished what we could, we learned the annoying woman was from New York. So, she probably won’t be there if you decide to go.

Back aboard the boat, we relaxed and drank in the beauty of the coastline dotted with charming communities tucked among the terraced gardens.

Every moment in this magical vacation gave us a rush of not only pure pleasure, but also unimaginable gratitude. Neither of us had ever before been treated to such a magnificent experience as we had in Italy. It was truly a privilege. The dining, delirious happiness, and yes, spontaneous dancing are precious memories I am thrilled to be able to share. We could not have chosen a more perfect destination to celebrate our twenty years together.

When in Rome

Rome, Italy

Nobody’s better at showing you the sights than Barbara, Bolerio and Chris. For the best location location location, take Via Veneto to Hotel Marriott Grand Flora. Food glorious food is served at both Trinita de Monti and Harry’s Bar. Remember to stop and sit a spell while you share a sweet treat at Caffe Greco.

In Fabulous Florence

Florence, Italy

Nobody knows how to wow like our guide, Sabrina and Sylvia taught us a thing or two at the Apicius Culinary Institute. When you go, you may want to make Residenze Del Moro your home away from home as we did. Visit Peperoncino to have a delicious, hearty, authentic Italian meal in a quiet atmosphere. Treat yourself to the delights of La Loggia. Go for food, stay for the view! There’s more about those marvelous days here Food Glorious Food.

Our guide Alessandro knew the way to heaven’s door was through Chianti where we tasted its glory. You can read about that amazing day here Cennatoio and La Botega.

Pompeii came to life with Carmine as our guide. Franco by land and David by sea, both took exceptional care to make sure we didn’t miss a single sensational sight from the Isle of Capri to the scenic overlook of Ravello, where we had an amazing meal and bought lemoncello. My favorite!

I find it satisfying to give praise, and on this trip the hotels, restaurants and shops, our gracious guides and drivers all deserve high praise for giving us commoners the royal treatment. To experience the art of travel in Italy, we trusted IC Bellagio, and they delivered in a BiG way! Thank you hardly seems enough to express our heartfelt gratitude for the attention to detail and genuine hospitality that was lavished upon us by everyone we encountered in Italy.

MOLTO AMORE is more appropriate.

13 thoughts on “Exquisite Indulgence

  1. At any point did you feel you needed one of those tee-shirts they sell in Hawaii?
    “Ho Hum, another day in paradise.”

    That one shot of the whole bay from above… wow! Beautiful.

    But for some reason now I have a craving for New York candy corns… and fish.

    1. Seems I owe you an apology. Going back through many of my posts, I realized that many of your comments did not receive a response. This may be of no consequence to you these many months later. However, I would be remiss if I did not let you know that it was never my intent to be unresponsive. Your comments were always appreciated. I may have not seen some of them or received notification of new comments. I apologize for leaving so many of your comments unanswered.

      1. Oh, wow, blast from the distant past!! 😀

        That’s very sweet of you to say, and I thank you. It’s hard to remember that far back (I’m not as bad as that guy in Memento, but I don’t retain the past well at all). I think I did mosey on down the road with the impression things weren’t clicking so well here.

        But that’s on me, too… I do often find I feel like a bull in someone’s fine crystal goblets shop. I can’t seem to do the supportive, pithy “well done, loved this post” thing that comes so easy to so many. I’m more the “yeah, but” kind of guy. Or the one that wants to dig into some aspect of the post I just read.

        There were some blogs where I just felt I wasn’t contributing anything of value, plus I seemed to be getting under the blogger’s skin more than I meant to. I ended up “playing it safe” and dropping off most blogs that weren’t about technical topics (and even a couple of those), and I think yours got caught in the purge.

    1. The captain told us they were the rocks that sailors steered into in the Greek epic poem the Odyssey. If they were mistaken for women, those sailors had been at sea a little too long! 🙂

  2. It might be because I’ve spent the last hour prepping for my kid’s classroom Halloween party, but one of those pictures of the umbrellas looked like super-sized candy corns! Gorgeous pictures filling me with longing and envy and not necessarily in that order! Thanks for sharing!

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