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I do not know what possessed me earlier this year to use my frequent flyer miles to get Vogue magazine. Unlike the others in my pub crawl, I don’t actually read Vogue when it comes. I pull out pages with fragrance samples for the guest bath then toss it in the recycle bin. This month’s issue is no different. Except for two things….the quote under Red-Hot Rihanna that says “I Love To Have Fun” does not match her cover shot. She doesn’t look like she’s having fun at all. She looks pissed off. And hungry.

The other item that caught my attention was an article about the funny business of politics saying Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myer are shaping the political conversation this season. What? Funny, yes. Shaping the conversation? Hardly.

Fashion is not my passion. I do however know a thing or two about having fun. For instance, our trip to Italy was great fun. Sharing the experience here has also been fun. There is still much more to show and tell. We have the entire Amalfi Coast to explore by land and by sea. Also how I was the Amalfi Queen for a day. BUT…It has come to my attention that my writing might have lost its edge and we can’t have that now, can we? This post will hopefully be a nice blend to bring me back to reality without completely ripping me from my happy place.

To do this I had to go back to when I was packing for the trip.

Usually I’m pulling my clothes from the dryer on my way out the door to the airport. This time though, I purchased a few new items. Nothing expensive or fancy, just a few casual dresses that I thought would travel well. Oh, and camouflage my “problem areas.”

For me, shopping for clothes is NO FUN. So, when it came time to do the deed, I went to the mall, a place I loath to go and headed for the one store I can always find something on sale. Macy’s. All but one was by the same maker. The funny thing was that even though each dress I purchased was similar in style and located in the same department, most on the same rack, the sizes varied greatly, and not by a little. They ranged from medium to XL. Weird.

I don’t have to tell you that they were made outside the U.S. I wonder how much this affects not only the sizing, but also my attitude toward shopping. I never disliked buying clothes so much in my life as I do now. Even when it became clear that I could no longer wear sizes which people (women) usually brag about fitting into, I didn’t have the negative reaction I now do. Now I’d rather have a root canal.

After high school and before the military, I worked briefly at a Wrangler blue jean plant. First the night shift in shipping and receiving, then as inspector #63. Those jeans didn’t say Wrangler ‘til I said they said Wrangler. My job was to make sure both legs where the same length, the zipper zipped, the size on the label matched the actual measurements of the garment and that the pockets weren’t sewn shut. It happens. Anyway, it paid the bills and I learned some important lessons while working there. One of which was that I definitely didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life.

We keep hearing a lot of talk about how manufacturing jobs need to come home. We also hear a lot of angry rhetoric about illegal immigrants taking our jobs. I have to wonder if they aren’t doing the jobs no one else wants to do. I also wonder if paying a premium so that all of my dresses are the same size, is more than any of is willing to pay. Fanning the flames of discontent just for fun won’t fix the very real problems we must face together after the election headlines hit the recycle bin. We all have bills to pay. Even Rihanna has to keep the lights on. She really needs to put some food on the table.

Go Hog Wild! This Land Was Made For You & Me!

18 thoughts on “Blog Hog

    1. Madame, how very kind of you to say. Thanks so much. That is something we can never hear it enough, is it? If I thought for one minute that every nudist in the world wouldn’t convert back at the sight of me, I join them!
      just kidding 😉

  1. I get Vogue at the office (who knew that it would be essential reading for a t-shirt designer). I have yet to get the kind of wardrobe advice a woman like me needs. What is comfortable and makes me look as slim as possible and matches my orange baseball cap?

    1. Well sure, I can totally see how it would be a useful tool that keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in the biz. From the individual’s point of view, I’m right there with you on using it for wardrobe advice. I don’t care how many times I think about the “enlightened” Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, it’s just not happening for me. I say an orange ball cap is a must have accessory and pretty much makes a statement in any ensemble!

  2. You haven’t lost your edge and those pics of you are stunning. I’ve said before you look like Diane Lane – you do. You look wayyyy happier and wayyyy prettier than Rhianna. And it looks as if your other half treats you quite well too. Not sure if Rhi-Rhi (who very well may be a very nice person) has that going for her. I see those models on the mags and I want to say, “Here, sweetie, eat a hamburger, that’ll wipe that scowl off your face.” And yeah, the size thing? I think the fashion industry does that to torture us and make us feel insecure. Hubby doesn’t have that problem. Size is size when it comes to menswear. Geez.

    1. First let me thank you for your kind compliments. I often wonder if photos of myself should undergo more scrutiny before I post them. It doesn’t take me long to get over it though, I mean really…GAAAHHHH! There’s no denying, they could stand to be photo-shopped, but I don’t have that kind of time.
      You’re right, I am a very lucky woman, my “other half” while treating me quite well indeed, like your Hubby, doesn’t have to be concerned with how form fitting, clingy or matchy-matchy his clothing is. Brown goes with brown, black with black and so on. Lucky devils!
      You know, the real side of most people isn’t worthy of the cover of a magazine. I know what you mean about wanting to say to those girls, “For goddsakes eat something already!”

    2. Oh, snap! Diane Lane!! Yes, exactly. I’ve been trying to place why you (Honie) look so familiar. And I agree; very attractive! (And now, when I find that “Inspected by” tag in my jeans pocket, I’ll always think of you!)

      On the much less attractive subject of jobs… sad that in a country where so many seek work the concept of a job “no one wants to do” even exists. (And I thought it was Jon Stewart who was shaping the political dialog! 😆 )

      1. You guys are hilarious. I saw Diane Lane doing anti-wrinkle cream commercials for Neutrogena.
        I know what you mean about saying jobs no one wants to do, but it’s too true. If only hate mongers could grasp the concept. You won’t see them doing day labor. Oh NO! Living in a boarder state puts that issue front and center. The reason some employers can even afford to stay in business is because of people willing to WORK without the benefit of benefits or premium wages.
        Thanks for the compliments. Always appreciated. 😉 Diane Lane…HA!

        1. You laugh, but I had a huge crush on Diane Lane for a while! (I’m fickle… I moved on when she was all acting like she didn’t even know I existed… Oh, wait, I guess that’s actually true….)

          1. LOL!! Sir, that is too funny! My son just came in when I was responding to your comment and was looking over my shoulder, as he likes to do and asked, who’s Diane Lane?
            I pulled up a photo of her, and I kid you not, he said, “I see what they’re talking about…when you were young maybe, but not anymore. Not now.
            GAAAHHHH He’s too often too right for his own good! I think I’ll post a sign in the kitchen that says “Will Cook For Compliments” 😉

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