Here’s what I know about wine, I like it. Okay, I know a few other things, but mostly I know, I like it. I have a friend in Denver whose husband took a wine appreciation class; an actual college course, and afterward, they invited their favorite winos over for dinner and a mini wine appreciation “seminar” so that my friend’s husband could show off what he’d learned. It was very impressive. I was lucky to be included.

So, twice now I’ve been formally instructed how to properly evaluate a wine’s bouquet, color, notes, legs…oh, and taste. All I can say with any certainty is I know what I like. Oh, and see, swirl, sniff, sip, savor, spit. Spit? But I wasn’t done savoring. Is that really how the pros do it? What do I know? I’m no pro. Oak notes, floral bouquet, smooth finish, nice legs? WHATEVER! I’d never even tasted wine until I was introduced to a little after work ritual called Happy Hour. I knew nothing other than my friends drank it because it was cheap enough that some guy would invariably come along and buy them a glass (or three).

Beer was the adult beverage of choice for anyone I’d ever known who dared risk eternal damnation and put the devil’s own elixir to their lips. It’s a southern thing. Beer, wine and whiskey, all forbidden, um…sort of, were only available across the county line, and the “good folks” where I grew up didn’t frequent those kinds of places. But that’s an entirely different topic altogether.

The Chianti region is home to some of the finest wines in the world. I was beside myself just knowing we were going there. When the day actually arrived, it was better than I’d even imagined. We didn’t have a destination in mind. We relied 100% on our driver, Alessandro, a native of the region, to be our guide, and he did not disappoint.

Higher, higher, and higher still, Alessandro drove until I thought we were going to heaven. It wasn’t long before it was official, we were in heaven. The Cennatoio Estate was were we stopped. We were greeted by a nice young man named Diego, whose pride of place was evident as he shared the fruits of his labor and invited us to taste Chianti Classico, Super Tuscan, dessert wines, and some powerful Grappa.

I know mountains; majestic McKinley, the magnificent Rockies, the misty Blue Ridge. Heck, I was Miss Appalachian. 🙂 Nothing compares to the beauty of Italian wine country. Looking out across the hills blanketed with vineyards and olive orchards, I truly was at peace, there in my own slice of heaven, free to savor the day and drink in the countryside. Every view of churches and castles made me catch my breath. God blessed the rocky soil that yields the prized Sangiovese grapes that are crafted with care into very fine wine. I am sure of it.

If you go, and everyone really should at least once in their life, be sure to stop for lunch at La Bottega. I don’t know why I didn’t photograph our food. I was giddy from the view and if I remember correctly, a little hungry. That’s probably why picking up my camera didn’t cross my mind once we sat down until after we’d finished eating. So, no food photos today. 😉

I can say the bread, the soup, the cheese, the porcini with noodles, the wine, EVERY SINGLE bit was divinely inspired. Plan a trip! Hurry, Act Now! Don’t Delay! Or you can look at my photos of Chianti here.

14 thoughts on “I’ll Drink To That!

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Here is a very important truth: Wine and beer have food value. However, food has no wine or beer value. Clearly wine and beer are superior. quod erat demonstrandum

  2. I;ve never read such a blissed out account of Italy! when my family go, I hear nothing of this, just see the odd bored grandson looking at another ruin! your stories and your pictures make me feel I’m there – wonderful…

    1. Honie Briggs says:

      Blissed out! That’s a very good way to describe my state of mind the entire time I was in Italy. I was completely blissed out!

  3. artsifrtsy says:

    I took a wine tasting course once – I learned a bit but so much of it is till not clear to me. I have no sense of smell so the bouquet thing I just don’t get. I also know what I like, but I’m still not sure why I like it. I think the mix of the amazing scenery with the opportunity to see the process would be pretty amazing. I love the pinhole shot of the countryside – timeless.

    1. Honie Briggs says:

      The bouquet can be interpreted in color. Saturated crimson, a field of chili peppers, spicy bouquet. Deep rich purple, reflections of majestic oak trees in a mountain lake, robust bouquet. Apricot rose glowing in the sunlight, angelic whispers beckoning us to come outside and play in the orchard, fruity bouquet. Sometimes the aromas mingle and sometimes they are distinct.

      1. artsifrtsy says:

        Very descriptive. I could describe taste that way. Chocolate notes, etc.

  4. Brigitte says:

    Ah, a wine tour of Italy — what could be better? I love these pictures and your descriptions! It makes me feel good to come over here and read and look at them. I can understand why you were Miss Appalachia. :). Thanks for sharing, Honie.

    1. Honie Briggs says:

      So nice. Prego Brigitte. Funny, the Miss Appalachian thing is such a joke in our house.

  5. My late father-in-law used to say wine is food, so even though there are none of the meal, you have beautiful photos!

    1. Honie Briggs says:

      I like that. They do go together, don’t they? The photos don’t do the sensational experience justice really, it makes me happy that you like them.

  6. Wine is just fine and sometimes divine, but I’ll always have a soft spot for liquor instead.

    1. Honie Briggs says:

      Name your poison dude. Scotch? Bourbon? Gin? Vodka? What’s it gonna be? The aroma of whiskey is appealing to me, but is best saved for “medicinal” purposes.

      1. It’s usually gin. Guess I really dig juniper.

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