Style Points

Well, back in MY day…

Now that I’m finally old enough to have a repertoire of Tang junkie, MTV deprived, Solid Gold Dancer wannabe broken dreams it occurs to me that the whole Joanie Loves Chachi injustices of my formative years are really too lame to wield over, well, anyone. I’m sure when our kids were growing up, some of that “back in MY day” teaching technique slipped into our parenting, but frankly I’ve blocked most of that out now. I vaguely remember trying to explain how working for an allowance was way better than working and getting no allowance.

Honestly it’s a wonder how our kids ended up so much smarter than us.

It seems to me that our generation hasn’t yet formed an identity. We’re not sure how to make a lasting impression and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. We seem to be an amalgamated hold-over, sort of left over, mildly hung over from the industrial and sexual revolutions. We have disco and microwave ovens and some recycled Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific type tricks up our social networking sleeves, but for the most part we either hit the 24 Hour Fitness, the bar at Chili’s or the world wide web and call it a day.

Late this afternoon, on our way to dinner my husband and I passed a hotel parking lot filled with classic cars. We pulled in to have a look and realized they were pulling out. A man in a powder blue Ford Fairlane was waiting with the windows down. I asked if I could take his picture. He said yes and then he said everyone was going to a car show and that we should follow them. So, we did.

We followed and then we pulled ahead so we could park and watch them pass. I snapped shot after shot as they cruised by smiling and waving.

We pulled into the parking lot at El Chico, an excellent choice for dinner it turned out, and the lot was filled with cars and people in lawn chairs. We chatted with the friendly man in the Fairlane who’d told us about the show. He told me a great story about how he’d met Bill Ford. I met a nice lady named Sherry and her husband Larry. Then we went inside and had dinner.

On the way home I wondered what would be considered a classic car in the future. A Hummer? A Kia?

Check out all of the car show photos. Click here for my gallery. 

13 thoughts on “Style Points

  1. That first shot of the Belaire is delish! What a fun photo op. I have a hard time imagining anything after 1980 really lasting log enough to be a classic – imagine a vast line of “New Beetles” and PT Cruisers putting down the highway – not much of a show.

    1. It would be a sad clown parade, wouldn’t it?
      Yeah, that Belaire, oh my! It was clean as a whistle and twice as sharp. In the gallery there is a shot of the trunk. Superb! The owners were so, so nice. Salt of the earth. Fun days like that are a treasure.

  2. Ah, the days when men were men, and women were women, and cars were cars! Time was, you could just about stand inside the engine compartment while you worked on the engine. Now it’s all you can to to wedge a couple of fingers in there.

    Me, I’ve been practicing, trying to get the exact right tone of voice for, “Get off my lawn, you kids!”

  3. We live across the street of a high school, actually the large field of the high school and every father’s day weekend they have a classic car showing on that field. We get a great seat for that show and never have to leave home! I love classic cars but then I’m in that age bracket (shh) My first car was a 1970 something mustang! It was used, but I loved that car! Great pictures!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time, Honie! We had one of those car shows here recently only I didn’t go in, just passed by. Those cars, with all those roomy seats, how nice. I don’t know what our “classics” will be. Most cars look the same to me now….

  5. Compared to the plastic bumper cars we drive today, that lack style but apparently have better gas mileage and aero-dynamics, these classics will always be THE classics. And I drive a Prius, too – sometimes with slight embarrassment at what a tin can it is compared to my old ’72 Monte Carlo. THAT was a car.

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