Honie’s BiG Bloomers

I’ve been inspired by some very talented photographers. Some whose links I shared in another postOne in particular has an amazing body of work. His images are breathtaking and the style of his landscapes, reminiscent of Ansel Adams, simply captivated me. So, I checked out his galleries and discovered something pretty cool. SmugMug is an incredible partner for professional photographers. They espouse  all of my favorite core values. NO SPAM, NO ADs, quality guarantees, service out the wazoo, a user-friendly platform for us analog types, but with plenty of whiz bangs for you more tech savvies. Plus, a commitment to building relationships that is almost unheard of in today’s marketplace.

Yeah SmugMug, I’m giving you some free love!

If you’re so inclined, check it out and let me know what you think.

Next week I leave for Italy to celebrate the BIG 2OH with my loyal follower. There’ll be pics galore and much, much more when I return. Some of you know that a TSA inspired travel rant may be included (at no extra charge) and certainly great gushing love posts about this trip of a lifetime.



8 thoughts on “Honie’s BiG Bloomers

  1. Honie, your pics are wonderful!!! I’ll contact you via email regarding this site. My hubby has some great photos. Just think of the ones you’re going to be snapping. I’m so jealous. Are you packed? What a GREAT way to celebrate 20 years together. Can’t wait to hear/see more. xxoo

    1. Well, my usual m.o. is to pull stuff out of the dryer as I’m leaving for the airport. 🙂 That’s actually more true than I care to admit. So, not packed yet, but I am a bit more “together” for this trip.
      Thanks Brigitte! xoxo2U2

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