Inflammatory Remarks

Sadistic mother of invention! What necessity could possibly require aircraft nose wheel lights to stream through my window at 3 a.m.?  What necessity for its screeching, roaring jet engines to disturb my sleep? What necessity for the alarm clock to repeatedly chime its way into my dreams or that damn weed eater right outside my bedroom first thing this morning?

I guess someone needs to get somewhere, needs to earn a living, meet a lover, make a connection, capture a little happiness for themselves. Okay, I will allow it. Wouldn’t it be something if it really worked like that? To have supreme command, to will the existence of all things, to hold within my grasp all measure of reason and to dispense it with resolve. Who do I think I am? A freakin’ queen or something?

Well, it turns out that even though I’m not what would be considered royalty…technically, I sometimes catch myself thinking like I am, and during that time of the month those moments of blissful delusion I may become a little too full of myself. Does that ever happen to you?

It’s okay if you’re a guy and it would make you uncomfortable to comment. Just read on and smile knowingly. Even though you don’t know jack, that’s what you do best. 🙂 (Love ya, mean it!)

While I think that maturity raises the voice of caution and conservatism, I also think that it’s important to listen for that inner banshee that screams, “Get off your ass you lazy bitch!” In my own head the sound is unmistakable. And so, today I need to respond to it and then get crackin’.

Summoning The Strength is the culmination of that kind of bizarre apparition motivational dialogue between maturity and enthusiasm. Writing it was the easy part. Marketing, not being a skill I have developed mainly because I’d hoped Oprah’s people would have called my people by now, is proving to be more of a challenge. Even though her people are all over it when it comes to promoting the next big thing, it occurs to me that I may need to retool a bit, seeing as how I don’t have actual people.

The follow-up, yet still untitled, book looms on the horizon, and although I’d love to create teasers to get readers psyched enough to pre-order a copy, complete with personalized message from me, the one and only HONIE BRIGGS, it would be unfair and frankly stupid to do such a thing. I mean really, my best effort to create a buzz so far consists of sitting down with a bottle of Cabernet and drunk blogging.

Luckily I didn’t hit publish.

I’ve got some traveling to do. But soon, very soon, I’ve got some work to do. Brace yourselves. It’s coming down the pike. SOON!

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

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