Another One Of Those Days

This morning on my walk I passed the Mommy Brigade pushing the next generation, two ladies practicing Qi Gong, a man and woman with Whataburger bags on the hood of their car having a pre-breakfast smoke, and a mysterious stranger in a sport coat scarfing down a power bar on his way into the mall. Diversity!

When I got home the WSJ was waiting. Now it’s on.

No Surprise

Tensions Rise

Something’s Falling

Is It The Sky

Nature Whirling

Flags Unfurling

Much More Of This

And I’ll Start Hurling

OMG! Stop me now. I swear, I started to hear this song.

The week is underway and there’s energy in the air. Get out there people. Do something you’ve been putting off for too long. Me? I’m gonna vacuum upstairs and maybe mop the kitchen. That’s how I roll. I hope your day is awesome! I know mine will be. Peace.

10 thoughts on “Another One Of Those Days

  1. I’m impressed that you strung together the phrases “I’m going to mop the kitchen” and “my day will be awesome” in the same paragraph. Those things seem counterintuitive to one another, but then again, I’m a guy.

  2. Honie, you know I love this song (got it on my blog as well) and it does kind make you want to move around doesn’t it? HA! Just got back from a walk with hubby and the pups and we got spaghetti simmering on the stove and are about to watch some serious crime/drama movies. Life is good.

    Nice post, my friend. Inspiring. ;).

    p.s. (how’s that trip planning going? that’s why you’re feeling groovy and there’s little bluebirds flying around whilst you work. Sigh. You better sent pics).

    1. Thanks Lady. Yeah, the trip…planned. Just gotta pack and bust a move. I am so excited. You’re right, little bluebirds helped me get dressed this morning!!! 🙂 🙂
      Pictures, you got it sister, and lots of em, I promise.

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