How To Stand Out In A Crowd

Tours by Tick-Tock Respect the Clock

I’ve already shared many pics from my trip to the Land of a Thousand Smiles, but of the close to 3500 taken by several of us traveling together, I have only begun to scratch the surface. These are some of the people I saw in Thailand during the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010. Some are funny. Each made an impression on me. All are beautiful and meant to be enjoyed with respect for the wonder of our human condition. 

The experience restored my soul and gave me the strength I would need in 2011, to share the last days of my most cherished friend, Donna. It’s been almost a year since Donna passed away, and as new friendships move into my life, I can hear her saying, “Hey Woman! See, I told you, you’re gonna be just fine.” She liked being right. (And she was most of the time.) Donna and I met when I was working in the jet engine shop with her husband. It was a challenging work environment, and this smart-ass Southern girl needed a friend. I found one in Donna. A proud Southerner herself, she helped me keep my attitude in check (mostly) and listened to me bitch about what jerks I worked with. It turned out that she was good for all seasons and our friendship spanned 23 years through divorce, DIY home improvement projects, road trips, relocation, and the joys and sorrows of womanhood.

If not for another friendship, that began in the toxic work environment of Lehman Brothers, I would have missed this opportunity to visit Thailand. So, for that meat grinder of a job, I am truly grateful, because that is where I met my Swedish friend, Catherine. Friendship is funny that way; it shows up in the most unexpected places. When you find yourself in need of a friend, hold your head up and scan the crowd.

They’re everywhere you look!

My dinner companion the first night in Thailand.
Lady serving us some fresh coconut water. (We thought she was high.)
Lady carving soap flowers. She was amazing!
Frederick the Swedish crab cracker. No, the crab was Thai.
Deo, the host with the most was our driver and host for an incredible seafood feast.
One hour laundry: 100 Baht. Service with a smile: Priceless.
Super nice street vendor serves super delicious breakfast.
Your chariot awaits, Catherine.
Another smiling street vendor.
Beach Party!
Smiles are the same in any language.
Step aside people – kid’s night out!
Going to the King’s Birthday celebration.
Our Lady of the Shops.
Beach sweeper from Chairbroomer.
Photo Bomb
It’s an illusion.
Omelets anyone?
Now that’s some good-looking Swedes right there!
Tsunami Memorial
Tatted Up!
Tommy the Tour Guide
Just another day at the office.
This darling just wandered up and sat down next to me.
One Fine Day
Out and About
Party at the pier for the King’s Birthday
Honeymooners from Israel
Breakfast companions from England
Fish Pedicure in Khao Lak
First day in Phuket. Best massage EVER.
My 1,000,000th Smile

6 thoughts on “How To Stand Out In A Crowd

  1. Just when I’ve settled that my foreign travels are done for now, I see something like this and long for the magic that opens your eyes and gives things new meaning when you return. I sometimes think that’s the biggest value of travel – you are so happy to be home. Thanks for sharing – lovely, lovely pics.

  2. Honie, these are priceless! Beautiful pics and you must have had an incredible time. So nice of you to share and to pay respect to your dear friend. I’m sure she would approve (and does now). Thank you for this! xxoo

  3. What amazing pics! Some more so than others. Ahem.

    I don’t think coconut water actually has the ability to make one high, but I don’t blame you a bit for thinking the woman in your picture was. Maybe she’s just high on life?

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