Six Pics

This dude took on a little damage over the cruel summer, but wasn’t about to miss Happy Hour.

This bloom hopper got a round on the house.

…And stood still long enough for a glamour shot.

This one drank itself silly.

…And could barely keep its chin up.

Caught this one trying to belly up before “last call.”

10 thoughts on “Six Pics

  1. Beautiful photos and funny commentary. Last time I was at my grandparents there was about 20 butterflies having a jubilee on the flowers just off the side of their porch. If it hadn’t been 100 degrees with 100 % humidity I would have sat for a lot longer to enjoy them.

    1. They are fun to watch and it does seem that they love to play in the sunshine. I can see them from the window in my office. So, I can run out and snap a few shots and retreat back inside when it’s 100+.

    1. Hey there Helen. Thanks. It’s butterfly time here in Texas. We’re the last stop on the Monarch’s migration route and our town has a big celebration on Main Street. There’s a butterfly release and even a parade. 🙂

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