This morning I was cruising through Freshly Pressed, and this post http://acculturated.com/2012/08/23/the-regrettable-rise-of-omg/ made me say, “OMG! SERIOUSLY?” Yes, out loud.  I found it interesting that the author used teenage girls as the reference for all things trivial and banal. Teenage girls, and boys for that matter, emulate what they see and hear all around them as they try desperately to navigate the confusing messages they are getting from adults; people they are supposed to trust!

The author went on to quote Kipling, who I believe is one of the greatest writers of all times, saying…’Words–“the most powerful drug used by mankind,” according to Kipling–can change minds and alter behavior.’

Well, while that is true, an OMG at the top of my lungs is in order about the video posted by one of my favorite bloggers, that I have reblogged here. It should be Freshly Pressed as an outstanding example of just how true that Kipling quote really is. Watch it, and if it doesn’t move you and make you want to shout OMG at the top of your lungs, then I really don’t know what else to say.

I know, that comes as a shock, doesn’t it?

S.W. Lothian | Author

Every now and then I see something that is so amazing it just brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.  It makes me wonder how this world is the way it is.  How can people be the way they are?, and why do some feel they can treat others with contempt? I know there is plenty of good out there, but there’s plenty of bad too.

I have only seen this trailer, not the full movie, but it looks like something that everyone should see.  It’s heartbreaking, but I hope it’s the start of change.  This movie should be shown in schools, to teach the next generation about respect for others. I have absolutely no time for bullies (kids or adults) and there is never a valid excuse for bullying.  It’s cowardly and selfish. Kid bullies grow into adult bullies. That’s all I’ll say, I…

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