May I Have A Word?

As one who has viewed polite society mostly from afar, I may not always properly share what’s in my heart. I confess, my bold manner and ignorance of rules sometimes betrays me. I may seem un-learn-ed. However, I am not unwashed. For the baptism of fire, I say to those who have helped to shape my attitude, my life, and subsequently, my writing, I am forever in your debt. For abandonment, betrayal, calculated deception, every fear, giant humiliation, inconsiderate “just kinda lie – moreover – neglect, outlandish promises quite regularly surrendered to unbelievable violence wielded (x) your zeal for inflicting pain – I O U a swift kick. (See what I did there?)

Each word conveys the feelings of characters in Summoning The Strength. They are real feelings; too real. It is my hope that readers who have experienced abuse and neglect will realize their own strength, from wherever it comes, no matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what is going on in the world or who may seem to be large and in charge.

Writing has given me an outlet for my grief, and through continually summoning my own strength, I hope to make real progress on my second book before the end of my life or this millennium, whichever comes first. What I can tell you so far about the continuing story of Katherine Doyle, whose perseverance to overcome an abusive marriage is beyond belief, an unlikely partnership develops. Like they say, two heads are better than one.

I think it depends on the heads.

Creative Genius Matt Groening

With that in mind, I’m going out on a limb here and asking readers for feedback. Whether you follow this blog or you’ve been duped by some search engine that has gone of the rails, I invite you to read Summoning The Strength, and if you’re so inclined, give me your honest opinion. I have no guidance for you other than to say, for less than the price of a box of Cabernet, you can e-book it on all of the popular devices or if you’re like me, and prefer the feel of a “real book,” Summoning The Strength is also available in paperback. (See sidebar for details.)

In the realm of shameless self-promotion, this seemed the least annoying way for me to let those of you who have asked know that something spectacular is on the way! ~~Peace and Love~~

America’s Ventura Highway for no other reason than I love it. 

8 thoughts on “May I Have A Word?

  1. Book sounds good – will request library purchase a copy. (FYI libraries are the fastest way to sell a lot of books…make sure the acquisition librarians for large cities and regional systems know about it – this looks like one they would like – but they need to know it exists….)

      1. Maybe try sending a one page flyer about you(picture) and book(cover and brief summary) and purchase info to the big city systems/regional systems…find appropriate name/ acquisition librarian (adult not children’s) on-line. Some will respond to email (an author? will she come do a program?) Others too swamped and ignore emails.
        Maybe get some insight by talking to librarians close by?
        They do have conferences for state and national, some better than others(sometimes they need speakers? especially the smaller ones to start?) – TLA and ALA are the big ones
        Good luck!

  2. Soon as I get a job…and an e-reader…and money on some form of electronic payment….I’m sure you poured your heart out and I’m sure it has tremendous value in that alone.

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