Superiority Complex

Walking this morning, down the frontage road before cutting through the air-conditioned mall to cool off, I was feeling good about myself for getting up early to exercise. Congratulating myself even, and counting the days I’ve tied my shoelaces and headed up that god awful hill that goes out of my neighborhood. I reminded myself, actually mentally yelled at myself like a drill sergeant, yes you’re gonna do this, of course you are, and you’ll be damn glad you did! Right? Right! You would never say oh, I wish I hadn’t exercised today. Of course not! Nobody says that!

The stores hadn’t yet opened, and except for a few mall walkers and the girl at the cookie factory stacking cookie sheets, I was alone with my thoughts. I like cutting through the mall, walking by the window displays and not feeling compelled to buy any of it. I made my way through the food court and looked up at the big screen that was recently installed just in case there might be a person without some sort of device already tethered to their head. Some guy’s face was on the screen next to a tweet that said, “For those complaining about Olympic spoilers, it might be wise to get off Twitter.”

Now I was no longer alone with my simple thoughts. What? Really? People are tweeting that they’re upset because results of Olympic events are being tweeted? I started thinking about people who seek injury where there is none. Not necessarily ambulance chasers, just people looking for a reason to be offended. It doesn’t need to be a good reason, any reason will do. People, who believe they’re being exploited or ignored. People who think there is a well-organized enemy, ever ready to attack them.

Yesterday I read that some stay at home dads are upset because of Proctor & Gamble is using Mom ads for the Olympics. OMG! P&G is in the branding business for godssake. An overwhelming majority of their revenue comes from convincing women that in order to be accepted, loved and valued, the hair on our heads must be silky, shiny, sexy and any color but silver and that the hair on every other part of our bodies must be removed. We must scrub, soften and gloss ourselves, appear shimmering and age defying, carry our feminine hygiene products discretely oh, and be happy about it!

That’s P&G’s job. Of course, they’re gonna use women in their Olympic campaign. Just like advertisers during the Super Bowl target male consumers by using boobs to sell beer and cable TV. Oh, and trucks, let’s not forget the trucks. Stay home, don’t stay home, love your family, your pet, your car (or truck). Who cares? Shut up, with your whining, pissing, moaning and complaining already!

Some things in life are simple. Some are complex. I don’t believe life can be boiled down to a fortune cookie quote. Some people do. I don’t believe the quality of life is dependent upon accumulating things. Some people do. Do I like creature comforts? Yeah, just as much as anybody, maybe more. I also like having the opportunity to be whatever I want to be. Who doesn’t? We all like choosing our life style, life partner and our life’s work. We the people. We all like it. Do we always get to choose? No, but when we do, we should choose and get on with it! Do we always like what other people choose or what they say about our choices? No. What can we do about it? Something besides wash, rinse, repeat.

“Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.”
― John Wayne

4 thoughts on “Superiority Complex

  1. Hear, hear Sister! I wouldn’t know how to freaking tweet and those tweeters, (twats — ??) scare me. I’ve heard that people get really worked up and spread the venom and hate all over the place in 14 words or less.

    And I don’t watch those glossy hair commercials anymore. It’s not their hair but the advertising does exactly what it’s supposed to do — make you want to buy.

    I’m with you. Everything — what you said. LOVE THAT SONG. Love. it.


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