Crashing Symbolism – Catch The Wave

Thanks to innovation and improvement, we can be entertained any time, day or night, by syndicated crap in multiple languages. As long as we have cable or satellite service  we can get the Yankees vs. Red Sox with commentary in Española. Perfección! Home Depot doesn’t have to miss a single bilingual looking to upgrade their life with new appliances.

Channel surfing isn’t something I do. I prefer to record programs that are worth watching so I can skip the latest styles, whiter smiles, smoky eyes and airbrushed thighs. When I need a little mindless distraction, I might watch a movie I’ve seen a million times. One that perfectly illustrates that our time is too precious to waste and that just as we need to be individuals, we also need each other. One that makes me want to believe in love that transcends tradition and ritual, yet reminds me to recognize their importance.

I also like to listen to music of a bygone era, like the jazzy Glenn Miller Orchestra. I have no first hand knowledge of the depression or what it was like to stand in line for rationed staples such as coffee and sugar. So, I can fully enjoy the sounds of that simpler time in ignorant bliss. Back then, simple pleasures weren’t taken for granted. Sure, there was a war going on and big changes were in store, but that wave wouldn’t crest until the turn of the century. Life was good. Men were men and the little woman had dinner on the table at six. Oh, the good old days.

String of Pearls

5 thoughts on “Crashing Symbolism – Catch The Wave

  1. Love the song and this post! Not so much little women having dinner on the table at six though. 😀

    1. Thanks Brigitte, yeah I forgot to put the sarcasm punctuation around the “little woman” remark. I do not like that attitude of “don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” When my husband really wants to aggravate me, that’s what he says. MEN! : ) Those are the days he has to get his own dinner.

  2. The other night I watched a show online trying to get to sleep. It was sort of funny, and had good music, so I watched another episode and then the music was good, but the plot was boring. There is a reason I stopped watching TV. It doesn’t entertain me any more.
    It is nice having the option to be entertained anytime I want. When I was younger that sounded like heaven. I was always glued to a TV show or lost in a book. These days TV has lost it’s luster and most movies as well. Books are the one lasting love of mine. Today the expression “TV will rot your brain” seems amazingly true.

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