Rocky Mountain Hiatus

My family went to Denver last week for business and pleasure. It was the 23rd of June and we were seated in row 23. There were two seats across the aisle from the three of us and my son pointed out that coincidentally, he just turned 23. Funny. On the ground in Denver, we got on the bus to pick up our rental car. Hertz must be a good fall back position in case your movie flops.

There is always a brown ring around Denver, but usually the further south you go, the clearer it gets. Not so this time. The view all along the front range was smogily.

Our first stop was The Egg & I. It’s the perfect way start your day and was one of my favorite places to eat when we lived in Colorado. The garden frittata and a cup of oatmeal, YUM!

If you’re really hungry, get the flapper.

Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison is a quick trip from the mile high city. From the road you would never even know that between the outcrops of gigantic rocks sits one of the best venues for concerts in the world. Underground there is a museum showcasing performers who have graced the Red Rocks stage.

Here’s a song from one of the best.

Downtown Denver is much like any other city, tall buildings, street performers, construction, solicitors, panhandlers, homeless. The 16th Street Mall is for pedestrian and shuttle bus traffic only. There you will see it all. One thing that Denver does well is traffic control. Public transit is terrific. We took the light rail into the city and cruised around for a few hours, ducking into retail stores for a few minutes of air conditioned comfort. The heat was not at all typical for Colorado, even in summer.

Some of my peeps came to meet me for dinner and brunch and happy hour. I love these girlies.

I had hoped to meet a new friend, but was unable to because of the wildfire that was raging through the Colorado Springs area where people were either being evacuated or waiting to be notified to leave. It is a terrible time for communities all over Colorado. Losses calculated in the millions are only part of the anxiety and heart-wrenching grief of those whose homes have been reduced to ash.

I know first hand the stunned disbelief that comes with such loss. There is hope, always hope. Laughter will come to those communities again. Stronger bonds and greater appreciation for each other are sure to emerge from the rubble, like a phoenix, proof the human spirit not only survives, but thrives. The trouble, not taken lightly I assure you, will subside. I know it does. Peace.

8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Hiatus

  1. What a small world. I last ate at The Egg and I in November while visiting my sister. Guess it really is six degrees from Kevin Bacon-no pun intended.

  2. Honie, great pics, post and song! So glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing this. :). I’ve seen on the news what those people are going through and I believe what you said is true. Peace. :).

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