How To Use Simple Math To Become Something We’re Not

Some will argue that boys are better at math than girls. Others will counter argue that boys are given more opportunities to strengthen their math skills than girls. Still others will further argue that girls are to be expected to be weak in math because, well, simply because they are girls.

The arguments are endless and pointless.

I say, like I say for all ridiculous arguments, really? We don’t know by now that math skills, like all other skills, are not gender specific? With the exception of certain biological functions, there is nothing that any person willing to put forth the effort cannot do, learn or become.

Skinny? Add calories to your diet. Fat? Subtract some calories, add exercise then multiply it over time.

Lonely? Add positive people to your life and invite them over for pizza and Yahtzee!

Note: If you’re also fat, divide pizza between your guests and add a salad.

Stressed? Divide your time more equally between work and Yahtzee!

Depressed? Subtract negative people from your life and add some exercise like walking or Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Yahtzee!

Note: If you live with negative people, add Bose headphones to your shopping list. Be advised, you will have to subtract around $300 dollars from your bank account to do this.

If you have excellent math skills or any other skills, why not volunteer to help someone who doesn’t? If you need different skills to get your dream job but you think you can’t afford to go back to school, blogging is free and if you’re reading this post, you already have everything you need to start a site for skill trading.

Hey, it worked for Craig. And Angie!

If this sounds simplistic, that’s because it is. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to change your life. You can read. Otherwise this post is pointless. The information any of us needs to help us be the person we want to be is as close as the nearest internet browser or library or senior center filled with people who have faced just about anything life can throw at a person. Chances are they’re willing to share their experience with someone who needs information or motivation.

When I get to the point when I’m almost ready to declare the “Os” have it, that’s the Doritos or Oreos, I have to decide to do what it takes to get it together, snap out of it. What ever “it” happens to be. No one can do it for me. That could mean I need to take a moment, take a stand, take a walk, take a trip or take a nap. I’ve never been one to take comfort in the knowledge that there are others in the same boat as me. Taking comfort in that doesn’t add up to anything for me but a bunch of sad sacks. I’m better with words than numbers.

It is true we’ve all been there…or somewhere else. Life is puzzling.

Words with Honie

Check tomorrow’s post for answers.

2 thoughts on “How To Use Simple Math To Become Something We’re Not

  1. This is so great and so true. Let’s add common sense to the mix in all this. If one has that, you can just about figure anything out. Things really aren’t as difficult as we make them out to be or perceive them to be as you’ve so eloquently stated here. Great post, Honie. Now, I have to figure out your crossword puzzle….

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