Play By The Rules

First the weather report…

We’ve had more rain this week than we had the entire summer last year. Glorious!

Now for some non-news…

Everyone already knows that we’re all super caffeinated. So, I’ll skip that whole “oh my coffee this” and ‘wow, should I have another cup of that?” silliness. Today I have stuff to do, and so, I was going to take a few minutes to inspect the troops and ease into my day; with cup in hand, of course.

And now over to sports…..

A lady in a red car pulled into a parking spot on the circle behind my house. Her windows were down and I could hear a yapping sound. Yep, she has a dog. Next thing I hear is a tractor-trailer pulling up and whatdayaknow, it’s moving day. That’s right I’m getting a new neighbor. Yippee! Another renter with a pet. That yaps and craps! If you read an earlier post, you know that renters aren’t supposed to have pets.

It’s in the HOA bylaws, damn it. Am I the only one who knows this?

Why do I care? Because my office and patio are on the side of our house facing the circle, where people like to let their dogs do their business and leave it for me to step in when I go to check the mail. If you read this earlier post, you know how important getting the mail is to me and if you read this earlier post, you know my patio is my favorite place to be when it isn’t 112 degrees outside.

This lady left her dog in her car to yap and yap and yap some more. I couldn’t take it. I came inside. I want to go over and welcome her to the neighborhood tell her she cannot possibly think it is okay to leave her dog in her car disrupt my morning routine. Alas, I am still in my pajamas. And so, I remain inside listening to Two Steps From Hell’s Invincible. Thanks to another blogger for the recommendation. It’s different from my usual music. I like it because it completely blocks out yapping dogs, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, table saws, and since I cannot understand the lyrics, it doesn’t impede my writing.

You can listen to Protectors of the Earth here.

Around the state…..

Here’s a report from one of my favorite bloggers philosophermouseofthehedge about what’s going on in the Houston area. Everything is bigger in Texas. Even stupidity. Oh, I hope I don’t get a bunch of “go back to where you came from” emails. (Send them to

Later today I will be baking my famous chocolate cake for a friend who is having a party tomorrow. I am so excited about this party because I will meet, in person for the first time, some of the women who inspired my book. Yeah, that’s correct. If you read Kris Wampler’s blog, you know that writing Summoning the Strength was prompted by some amazing women, some of whom I haven’t had the pleasure to meet. Yet.

I better get dressed.

Have a great weekend everyone! That’s a wrap.

2 thoughts on “Play By The Rules

  1. Now that’s an interesting use of transitions. (And, as always, awesome photos!). I also can’t stand people who have pets that they don’t actually take responsibility for. In Lebanon people buy dogs but they get their maids to walk them…and do they even bother to clean up the crap? Not on your life. I’m sorry you have to put up with that. Thank God music’s a fail-safe refuge to keep us from going postal on people eh?

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