Checking weekend book sales forces me to get real; I need to work on marketing. Mondays are when I have the most motivation to write. Tuesdays are no good for beginning anything and if I don’t get a running start by Wednesday, it’s too late. Thursday is the weekend primer and Fridays are an absolute bust. Then there’s the weekend, made exclusively for fun.

I need an entire week of Mondays to hold me accountable to my commitment to a second book. There is no method; only madness made its way onto the page today. A free association of sentence fragments, no punctuation and bizarre imagery as December Classics holiday music streamed through my headset. Visions of sugar plums dancing in my head were no match for the Kevlar coated barricade between my brain and keyboard this morning. The characters unionized and now refuse to start a dialog. If no agreement can be reached by close of business this Friday, I’ve decided to call their bluff and take leave of my senses.

I’m thinking of getting a Vespa. Those things get 90 miles per gallon!

I could fill the cargo carrier with copies of Summoning the Strength and do a book tour. Of course I would have to avoid highways and I probably shouldn’t schedule anything after dark. Honie’s Frontage Road Vespa Book Tour, yeah! It could work. Couldn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Hahaha, you should come to Lebanon. Vespas are ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE. (And you can visit somewhere new and have a book tour here!) I appreciate their gas-efficiency as much as the next person, but the people who drive them have no sense of…anything that can remotely be related to sense. They just drive like maniacs, popping out of nowhere, and fully expecting you not to hit them. (And you’d better not because no matter how stupid their driving skills are, if there is a collision it’s automatically your fault even if the guy was zooming right into you. It’s nerve-wracking to say the least sometimes).

    1. Yeah, people really do drive like they are trying to qualify for NASCAR here in Texas. I cannot even entertain the idea of driving a car with a less powerful engine than the one I have, much less a Vespa. Road rash or road rage – not a good idea.

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