What The Flim Flam?!#@

Gone are the days when a vital message can be relayed by a carrier pigeon alighting on a castle window sill or a guy on a horse dashing around lighting lanterns. How did the civilized society survive before the information age? Today’s news of last-ditch efforts to squeeze a few more drops of blood dollars out of investors followed by technical glitches is not surprising, but it does beg the question, “What should you expect when you give your money to a guy in a hoodie whose philosophy is The Hacker Way?”

Pummel is a bit harsh, don’t you think? I mean really there was a wedding to prepare for. Oh wait, that’s right, we don’t hold the head of publicly traded companies accountable when something goes wrong, do we?


What do you do when the next big thing gravy train turns out to be the chuck wagon? Ask any mortgage-backed security trader and they will tell you. You batten down the hatches, ride out the storm, package up the debris and sell it to the scrap yard, hoping to get enough to cover attorney fees. That’s how it goes in the stock market. From pork bellies to junk bonds, to scratch and dent mortgages, it’s all the same shit just a different day. At the end of any given day you may find yourself sitting on a guard rail, hungry and disillusioned, hoping someone will just give you a ten spot. That’s the new 401K.