100th Post Gets Eclipsed

This evening, my husband and I witnessed the annular eclipse from the best vantage point in the Metroplex. I had been looking forward to it ever since he sent an email telling me about our date, and was disappointed when it looked as though visibility would be impossible because of cloud cover. As we settled into our prime viewing spot and readied our cameras, I sat there taking shots of the weeds on the side of the road and pretended to blow away the clouds. After all, he had planned this just for me and I wasn’t going to let a few clouds get in the way.

The clouds soon began to part and we were treated to something truly awe-inspiring. What a way to celebrate my 100th post here at HonieBriggs.com!

An annular eclipse is similar to a total eclipse. The moon lines up directly with the sun, but since the moon is at its most distant point in its earth orbit, it doesn’t completely cover the sun. As a result, sunlight shines around the moon’s circumference.

Here in North Texas, we didn’t see the complete eclipse because the sun had set by the time the moon was in front of it. As you can see from the photos, this didn’t diminish the experience one bit and what we were able to view will be a cherished memory for us both.

The next total solar eclipse in the United States will be in 2017. The next annular eclipse to be visible in the U.S. is scheduled to occur six years after that in October, 2023. Until then, I hope to keep laughing and sharing my wonderful experiences. Oh yeah, and my observations.

13 thoughts on “100th Post Gets Eclipsed

  1. This is so cool – I was in Denver the week before the eclipse at a camera store where they were selling special filters to get the most definition – I was skeptical I would ever use on again. Nice set. I have been meaning to ask – what do you shoot?

    1. Hey, I have a Nikon D90. I probably could have used one of those special filters for these pics. I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head. My husband was using the D80 on a tripod and we had the perfect location to capture the eclipse. I couldn’t believe the one he got with the bird, I didn’t even see the bird…all I could see was spots! 🙂

      1. D90 is a great workhorse – I use one at work. The bird shot is epic! The filters were designed for telescopes and let you look through the viewfinder without problems – I think they were pretty expensive. I worried about the sensor, but I saw lots of shots that day.

    1. Thanks. We took so many that were exactly alike. Some with flash and some without, but no filter. I was surprised how well they turned out because I was almost blind when I got back in the car.

    1. Thanks! It was an awesome site. Between the two of us, we snapped almost 400 shots. Plus, my husband briefly caught some video. More photos will be in the gallery hopefully later today.

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