Why Buy The Cash Cow?

…When you can get the milk of magnesia for free.

Recently an acquaintance told me he had checked out my blog. I was ready to give this guy high praise for his intelligent choice when he added, “It was a quick look though, because it seemed like there was a lot of reading involved.” Not exactly what I expected to hear and so, I really didn’t know how to respond other than to say “Yeah, it probably does seem like a lot of reading to some people.”

I mean really! That’s bull, right?

The funniest comment about my blog came this morning from a friend of mine who emailed me saying he woke up today feeling “very blue” and he started reading my blog. He said, and I quote, “Believe me, your blogs are the “Milk of Magnesia” for when compounding life issues make you constipated and inert.”

What an endorsement! I suppose I will have to change the wording on my gravitar to read, “inspirational words – motivational attitudes and also relieves occasional irregularity” Nice!

Maybe Jamie Lee Curtis will do an ad for me.

His message – Subject: I still don’t have a Facebook because I don’t get it….also included the question: So, thousands of millionaires were created today, and what did they create? Followed by this link:

Will Facebook Really Create 1000 Millionaires?

I was thinking about that question myself just yesterday and remembering when we used to rely on the phone book to direct us to businesses and people with whom we needed to connect. “Let your fingers do the walking” was the slogan used by yellow pages, oh the good old days of Ma Bell, before the “baby bells”/ internet service (I use the term service loosely) providers formed in primordial pools from whence the tech-NO-logical juggernaut evolved. Does anyone even remember those pre-datastoric times when humans roamed the earth?

I think of FB as a modern version of the yellow pages that has inbred crossbred merged with a supermarket tabloid. What offspring value does the algorithm method create, you ask? Well, for advertisers, there is more than a little value. Lots of businesses pay big bucks for sales leads. If you’ve ever looked at using the pay-per-click ads, you know how easy it is to drill down to a sharply targeted demographic, hoping to hit pay dirt. I just wonder how long it will be before “news” of warehouses full of desperate workers found chained to their chairs, forced to sit for hours in front of monitors clicking ads to rack up the per-click dollars hits the internet. That would be a ball buster real bubble buster, for sure.

For users of the “always free” FB, posting seemingly innocuous information used to profile “likers” potential customers, value is irrelevant. Zuck is a marketing god and we should all bow to his greatness, but the sad truth is he hasn’t really created anything. He just retrofitted an old concept with some new bells and whistles. So, way to go, the world is a better place because of your IPO. GMABFB! I guess one difference between face book and the phone book is that you had to pay to have an unpublished number. All you have to do now is be anti-social avoid socialists choose not to join social networks. For now.

Once again, it’s Friday!!!!! Viva La whatever you “like”!!!!


2 thoughts on “Why Buy The Cash Cow?

  1. OMG, I feel so old. I had to Google, GMABFB, which took me to an online Urban Dictionary.

    I just spent the last 45 minutes learning so many more new phrases like “shower fluffer”; “Splenda Daddy”; “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” and so on. Then, I remembered groceries were still sitting out in the kitchen.

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