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“The Slut” is one of Jeff Leedy’s hilarious dog prints. I purchased it at the Cottonwood Art Festival because it made me laugh out loud. Next time maybe I’ll get “The Floosy” which is a cat in the prone position. A matching set for the guest bath maybe….

Anyway, I didn’t post yesterday because I was wiped out from doing a little work in the garden of my friend, the Rock Star Gardener. She claims that since I am younger, I’m more able to do the “ground work” to prep her piece of paradise for an upcoming garden tour, but I swear, she works circles around me. We both looked like something the cat dragged in (a couple of real garden hoes) after a few hours of weeding, pruning and general grunt work. We took a short break to cool off and get rehydrated. I commented that I hoped I didn’t die right there on her porch because that would surely put a damper on her garden tour. She gave a mock presentation of how she would say, “Over here is the Perle d’Or and over there in that chair is where Stephanie dropped dead after only three hours of work.” We laughed and decided to do something fun; go to a local nursery and shop for plants. Going out in public looking like we did was no big deal to either of us. That’s one thing that makes our friendship so special.

I’ve been known to go to Home Depot covered in paint to buy more paint. If you see a woman who fits that description out in public, just look away. She doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about how she looks or any of her choices, especially one to go out in public to buy mulch/soil/compost, when she is covered from head to toe in all three.

One reason I can confidently do this and anything else I damn well please is because I don’t get the heebie geebies over GBDBs. I am aware of narcissistic, hypocritical blowhards. I’ve worked for plenty of them, but these days they have no place in my world.

Be fearless ladies, and remember….let them take your groceries to the car if you must, but otherwise, bagboys are for entertainment purposes only.

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