Mayday Mayday Mayday Reason Reason Reason

Guns kill people. No, people kill people. No, people with guns kill people. The argument continues.

Actually, people with guns, knives, ropes, cars, bricks, poison and any number of weapons of mass consumption kill people. There are laws against it and still, there are killers. Killers with or without money, with or without cause, some paid and others who gladly do it for free using their own bare hands for fear, pride, jealousy, and greed. These killers never have to wait too long for a foul wind to stir the embers of a scarcely forgotten, never forgiven egregious act. Liars, disguised as change agents, masquerade as champions of solidarity and shout at us to once and for all defeat the enemy, any enemy. All we have to do is pick one.

Give us a break! Your language gives you away.

People who are hungry in the 21st century aren’t spoiling for a fight. Hollow bellies languish in the emptiness of hollow sentiment. The oppressed and injured have protection o’ plenty under the law; yet we fail to rise above our failings. Symbolism distilled through the ages insures not one among us is unaware of the endurance of the human spirit to break the chains of bondage and yet we miss so many opportunities to hold dear the ties that bind.

[How far beyond suffrage we have traveled. Yet even with so much progress, cruelty still exists equally among our most and least educated. Neither the laws of nature nor those created by man have prevented acts of violence against women. We are no longer ignorant. There is no missing body of knowledge yet to be discovered. All things that have ever been known are known still. We have more information now on the subjects of abuse and neglect than ever before. What better time to put an end to the plague from which so many have lost so much?]~~Claire Martin, Summoning The Strength

On this first day of May 2012, is there hope for reason or have we abandoned ship?

6 thoughts on “Mayday Mayday Mayday Reason Reason Reason

  1. There is always hope, even for reason. Sadly, though, those who use it are only the reason-able, an endangered species.

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