Caught In The Act

This is Martin. He is an aspiring actor currently working as a waiter. I just had to snap his photo because he has that awesome red hair. Like most people Martin’s age, he was friendly and willing to have his photo taken while he chatted with us about some of the commercial work he has done locally. My husband wrote down his name so I would remember it. I of course didn’t have any cards with me, I never remember them. So I wrote on, what else, a cocktail napkin and told Martin to check for his photo to be posted. I hope he does because it did turn out quite nice, if I do say so myself.

This is Harvey. I know he just wanted some fish food, but he looked like he was puckering up for a big ole kiss. So, I snapped his photo before he could get away. The koi pond was loaded, but this dude was the biggest, most colorful poser of them all.

This is Oliver. He’s one tricky lizard. I almost didn’t see him there on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea. He didn’t move a muscle and I got several shots of him before I decided he was too eager to have his photo taken. So I moved along. After all, lizards are a dime a dozen around here. He did make a little crying noise as I walked away. Lizards are so sensitive.

That’s all. It’s time to enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Caught In The Act

  1. Great gallery of shots. Martin’s did turn out well – quite expressive. I don’t care if Harvey was just after food – he’s terrific – motion and color! Wonder how long Oliver waited for you – his skin just looks velvety…probably been spoiled rotten by other lizards swooning over him…he deserved to be taken down a notch.

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