Speaking My Mind

There is a writing exercise I learned some time ago to help get the creative juices flowing. Exercising being so good for me and all, I thought today I would choose a book, open it to any page and take the first and last sentences from that page to use as the beginning and end of a story.

My bookshelf is loaded with all sorts of books on a wide range of topics from the memoirs of world leaders to a copy of The Little Engine That Could. Not needing anything more than the motivation to keep trying to engage readers of this blog, I chose a book which I thought might provide a line or two to help me write something worthy of comment or even critical remark that I see on so many other blogs.

So here goes.

I can’t help but imagine someone a couple hundred years from now stumbling upon this very [blog in a forgotten server] somewhere. No doubt technology will be so advance by then that server farms will have either replaced all other types of farms or humans will have figured out how to, once and for all, preserve the earth’s resources and still enjoy the benefits of technological advances. I suppose my hope is much like the hope of people who lived before the advent of…..

Oh who am I kidding, this blows. I know it. It’s obvious that there is more to engaging readers than just posting random thoughts. A message – that’s what’s required. Something profound or something hysterically funny, yes that is what gets readers engaged. Or is it? I’ll leave it to the reader to interpret that story for himself or herself.

Okay, that wasn’t so hard and now that it’s done, I pose this question to any humans who might be reading this post. What does it take to engage a reader?

I must admit sticking with an exercise, any kind of exercise, isn’t easy. It’s getting started that’s the hard part for me. Results oriented people have the difficult challenge of not expecting immediate results. Gradual results are all but invisible, but must not be ignored. I’m really trying to convince myself of that now more than ever.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and I guess I should even say thanks to those who don’t, because if not for them as well, I would just give up altogether.