In The Garden Of Good And Gooder

These are the Hartins. Together they have created a place of spectacular beauty down an unassuming country road in South Carolina. I had the good fortune to visit their home and garden at the peak of springtime goodness when gardens are fresh and lovely.

Miss Audrey graciously entertained us with stories about each flower as we toured her garden. Her knowledge was only exceeded by her obvious vision for creating charming vignettes, which were placed throughout the space with expert care and attention to detail. With every step there was another WOW moment. The good just kept getting gooder. Better, yes I know.

Mr. Hartin is a skilled carpenter, antique Ford enthusiast and talented photographer. Brides-to-be come from near and far to have their wedding photos taken by him in the garden he and his bride have cultivated into a destination. He has built arches all around the garden to create a romantic setting complete with a private bridal dressing room fit for a princess.

The Hartins love bringing joy to others and sharing their passions for the rare and precious. I am grateful to them for allowing me to capture images of their home and garden on that special day and I invite you to enjoy some of them here. Others will be added to my gallery page.

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