Yeah, I Got Nothing

Large quantities of information converged over the weekend in what would have been a typical Monday morning blowout. I should be in the middle of explosive writing and breakneck speed editing to get every word just right and in the right order. I planned to post a story today about farmers markets I recently visited including photos of the hard-working people I met there and one photo in particular of some tomato plants called Mortgage Lifter.

But now I cannot seem to shake another story long enough to pull that post together.

The story aired yesterday on CBS’s 60 Minutes. I haven’t watched this news program since Andy Rooney’s death, but a friend of mine called to tell me of a report that I might be interested in seeing about the corrupt, fiscally irresponsible and now bankrupt Wall Street firm, Lehman Brothers.

Today I am drawing a complete blank. Not a blank so much as an enormous black hole where all of my thoughts are being pulled even before they are fully formed. I tried to break free from the gravitational force of this cavernous abyss by reading and commenting on other blogs, reviewing ridiculously long-winded, nonsensical spam comments captured by askimet and by pulling weeds from between stones in my patio. Then my neighbor came over with an article about the plight of American Airlines.

Alas, there seems to be nothing I can do to stop the swirling thoughts in my head long enough to share my usual witty assessment of all things revolving around my very small existence. I think I must be experiencing one of those syndromes the pharmaceutical industry has recently brought to light for which women must be medicated. Either that or I could be having a reaction to crap living on planet earth.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I Got Nothing

  1. You’re probably right Leah. I read somewhere toxic work environments can stay in a person’s system for years after lying, greedy bastard exposure. The 60 Minutes story just triggered a flare up. I hope that’s all it was, I sure don’t want to have to move to another planet.

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