Embracing The Day At The Speed Of Me

First things first. Okay maybe not first, but certainly the goal once I have obtained blanket control, hoisted myself to an upright position and made myself presentable enough to at least go to the kitchen. Incredibly long and unbearably close traveling takes its toll on me every single time and I am glad to be home.

Once I gather the essentials and find my place in the sun, I settle into my usual morning routine.

Two cups of coffee and half a banana later, things begin to come into focus.

Almost through the “A” section of the WSJ, I pause to collect my thoughts and decide to give FB and IG child elite offspring CEOs and their billion dollar baby a break. Afterall, it isn’t really news, that’s how those babies are always made. Besides, I should be responding to emails and checking the new and inventive ways my spam filter has been clogged. Limited internet connection while traveling and a 24 hour digital free challenge with my son for his computer science class put me a little behind on those important tasks.

Yes, 24 hours of using nothing that is computerized. This includes a LOT of stuff; my coffee maker for starters. That was tough. My cell phone, my car and no TV were no big deal. No PC, slightly a big deal, but not life threatening. What did we do for 24 hours without these addictions essential items? Read, talked and laughed. My son educated me on cell division (26 chromosomes split into 13 and then divide into 4) I think that’s how it goes…..DNA is stretched and then proteins fill in the space. Although in my case, I think it was cellulite that filled in the space that was stretched. It seems like he took more than 13 chromosomes from me, but he insists he didn’t.

Today, life is back to normal….well, normal for me. Plus, I have a new camera to learn how to use so I can bring more passion to every post!

It takes a while for my senses boot up so I can do the things I need to do. Each day when that moment arrives and I am fully ready, I make a choice. Sometimes I choose the fast track attitude of BRING IT! Other times it’s a leisurely, WHATEVER. There are those days when a combo is what’s called for. I think today is one of those days. I must make it through the backlog of the special offers that require my immediate attention and get up to speed on the all news that’s fit to read before I can share some stories of the awesome people I met while I was traveling. Posts forthcoming: What I Learned From Frances and How To Mind Your Own Business. You won’t want to miss them, but in case you do….they’ll be waiting here for you when you get around to reading them.