It Was A Really Good Day

Living it up at the Dallas Arboretum was the perfect thing to do on this sunny spring day. There were people everywhere taking photos. Little kids posed, cried, threw mulch and played in the fountains. A young father was trying to snap some semi-candid shots of his toddler on a step stool next to his pregnant wife, who was coaxing the big sister to be to give the baby a hug. The sweet little girl kissed and hugged her mommy’s belly while the poor dad was trying to capture the moment as people were walking through the shot.

He was very patient and polite.

I commented to my husband that I wished I could photograph the cute little kids running all over the place having so much fun. I saw an adorable little girl when we first arrived, wearing a headband with an enormous flower on it. She still had baby hair, but it was thick and black. She was walking around looking too cute and the look on her face was priceless. Of course in an instant the opportunity vanished. Plus asking permission and dealing with suspicious parents made it a no-go for me anyway. It would have been precious though. Several people did ask if I would take their pictures with their camera and I certainly obliged. I am always ready to lend a hand and possibly have a conversation with people I don’t know.

I need to get out more.

We saw a lovely debutante in a striking blue gown twirling around as a photographer took her photo. Her mom was smiling and coaching her movements. A woman passing by, wearing a hijab shouted ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! She motioned excitedly waving her arms in the air. The scene was quite interesting to me; the Muslim woman joining in the fun of this Hispanic family’s proud moment and offering encouragement to this young woman made me smile. It was very nice to witness that kind of sharing of a special cultural experience by people from different cultures.

Of course there were brides to be and little girls in spring dresses all over the place. Men, women, young and old, professionals with tripods and amateurs like me were trying to capture the essence of this glorious gift of a day. I shot around 400 pics. Including the photo above of a kind father and daughter, Marty and Sarah and their friend Manuella who allowed me to take their photo, here are some of the best.

(Thanks Maggie and Arthuro for the Muscle Milk! You were right, the cookies and cream ROCKS!)

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  1. Still haven’t seen the video yet, ’cause my internet is notoriously slow when it feels like it. (Which is often). I just wanted to say you really painted a picture with your words. I miss watching cultures mix and bounce off each other so warmly. Lebanon’s great but we’re mostly just one people so it’s hard to see that kind of mesh with different colors and backgrounds. I want to travel far away really badly right now.

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