Suburban Stormfront

Just having a little fun watching the storm roll in yesterday. It rained all through the night, and the thunder only disturbed my sleep briefly. I am about ready to kill a mockingbird though. Night after night it chirps, sings, warbles and whistles perched atop the arbor right outside our bedroom. Even in last night’s storm, with its fierce wind and pelting rain, the thing showed up right on schedule at 12:05 a.m. to give the performance of a lifetime until the sun came up this morning. I love birds, but this one is pressing his luck.

There are three eggs in a nest that some wrens built in a basket on the patio. It is great fun watching them work year after year gathering bits of this and that to build their nest. The first spring we were here, there was a storm that blew the basket right off the patio and onto the ground. We put it back in place after the storm and soon there were little chirps coming from the nest. Both the mother and father brought food to the chicks and we watched as one by one they made their way out to the edge of the basket and then to the top of our gas grill and finally to the edge of the patio. All the while their mother “encouraging” them. Loudly. I hope this year’s little family will provide such entertainment.

Not all of our activities around here are so EXTRA ordinary, so I promise if anything truly exciting does happen to be sure and let you know. Until then…I think it’s safe to say, “It’s spring!”

4 thoughts on “Suburban Stormfront

  1. Hehe it’s funny ’cause the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” puts those birds in a kind of unattainable light–like they’re amazing and shouldn’t be harmed. But you’re not the first person who finds them annoying. I’ve yet to actually be serenaded by one, and from what I’ve heard, I probably wouldn’t want to 😛

    1. It is kind of amazing how they make a little song by just repeating what they’ve heard from other birds. I don’t know if they are born with those pre-programmed sounds or if they really do pick them up and “mock” what they learn. It’s only annoying at night, when you’re trying to sleep. The lesson Atticus is teaching Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird, I believe, is that we can’t condemn others for just doing what they’ve been taught to do. That would be the same as killing a mockingbird. There are hundreds of lessons in that book and I love it. Harper Lee, the author, is from Alabama you know.

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