Life: Right On Time

When you discern the truth from mere perception

While everyone around you is confused,

When you meet a challenge without question,

Even though you know you’re being used;

When you break out in your own direction,

Making certain that you do not go too far,

And refuse the foolish notion that perfection

Is attainable and the illusion of beauty in a jar:

When you build a life out of the rubble,

That remains after love’s ravaging assault,

When you take more than your share of trouble,

Without needing to assign a single fault,

Or being mean, don’t give way to meanness

And practice non-aggression with yourself;

Steer clear of the devil’s careless mistress

Who’ll flip a coin to wreck your mental health:

When you embrace a person who is crying

And make them laugh to ease their worried mind,

When you comfort someone who is dying,

Or find a cause that you can get behind,

When you pause in silent admiration

Of an aging couple strolling hand-in-hand,

When you feel a sense of satisfaction

From taking off a tarnished wedding band:

 When you see the gift that is within you

To share your heart and set a captive free,

When you recall the trials that you’ve been through

And some sign of hope relieves their misery,

When you marvel at your sister’s courage

And recognize her strength and dignity,

Yours is the thrilling, joyous rite of passage

And most of all my dear, you’ll be the person you were meant to be!

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