Today my family attended Empty Bowls at the Meyerson Symphony Center to support The North Texas Food Bank. We met some nice people and enjoyed delicious food prepared by restaurants from around the Metroplex. Tom Thumb, my favorite grocery store, underwrites the event. Artisans donate beautifully crafted bowls and each person gets to select one to keep. I showed photos of some of my choices from the last few years in a previous post.

I was so happy to have my son and my husband with me today. Not just to keep me from tripping down the stairs (thanks) but to experience the passion of the thousands of people who share these values:

Do what needs to be done.

Do what is right with urgency.

Steward and leverage resources with integrity in an authentic transparent way.

Respect diversity of individuals, thought and viewpoint.

Celebrate passion for our world and the people who live in it.

Smart, sassy women are everywhere you look!

Barbara greeted us with a warm welcome.

Madeline and Melissa shared our table.

This is just one of the many examples of what can be accomplished when people share their imagination, creativity and passion with the world. Have a great weekend everybody.

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