Mother Nature RULES!

Leapin’ Lingerie Batman!

It’s a great time to be a woman and this year we get another extra-special day. (Around my house it’s sometimes called womanly time.)  We can choose any profession, except sperm donor, and we can say exactly what we want to say however we want to say it, except in places where we can’t.

Hang on, we’re gettin’ there.

There is a woman who inspires me in so many ways. Her higher education goal was to be a math major. She did that. Then she decided to become an attorney. She did that. When she decided to create a spectacular garden, she did that too. She wins awards for being a rock star gardener and receives praise for not only her exceptional networking skills but also for being my co-superhero.

She has lived longer than I have. She has stronger political opinions than I have. She has more experience with social media than I have. She’s been published more times than I have. But there are some things I have that she doesn’t; some books she loaned me almost two years ago and a problem knowing when to use the word past instead of passed.

My friend writes about what she knows; bunnies and gardening. If you are a gardener, you might be surprised to discover that the two can go together very nicely when you understand how to approach it from Mother Nature’s point of view. You can read about her Funny Bunny Year and her declaration: Mother Nature Does Not Need My Help in GreenPrints magazine. If you don’t already subscribe to GreenPrints, maybe you should. Just like gardening, this magazine offers hope, joy, encouragement, peace, humor, comfort, beauty, and friendship to those of us who like to play in the dirt.

Mother Nature Does Not Need My Help as seen in GREENPRINTS

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating, the written word can excite, provoke, inspire, and sustain us. I also believe that an honest word spoken by a friend is indeed perfection. Thanks SNP.

Next week is READ AN EBOOK WEEK. See this Friday’s post for a discount code to get Summoning The Strength @ Smashwords. Also, a dramatic guest post!

3 thoughts on “Mother Nature RULES!

    1. All of my friends are awesome. It’s a small group of awesomeness. I’m a collector of rare, awesome people. If you read my posts blogging from the heart or blogging makes my world go round, you’ll discover the most rare & precious worth collecting. Thanks for your comments Hala J.

      1. Hey, considering there is no shortage of awesomeness in you, it is no surprise that you are surrounded by them too. And I definitely agree: The things most worth collecting are the things that are the rarest. No doubt!

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