Stop The Presses!

This morning above the fold in The Wall Street Journal there is a photograph of a man holding Old Glory. Above the photo it says U.S. Troops Killed as Afghans Seethe. At the bottom of the photo is the caption UNDER ATTACK: An Afghan policeman confiscated a flag from protesters as Taliban-led violence, spurred by burning of Qurans at the U.S. base, led to the killing of two U.S. Soldiers. President Obama apologized. (A6).

Five pages later after sifting through the oh-so-sad plight of BP Oil, the last gasping breath of retailer Sears, and some other crap my heart finally stops fibrillating when I am completely shocked to see what is happening. I hope contributors Nathan Hodge, Habib Khan Totakhil and Ziaulhaq Sultani are not in harm’s way for this story and that reporter Dion Nissenbaum will do a proper follow-up on this tragic and unnecessary loss of life.

It is time, NOW, for some real history lessons in our schools. What the hell are we doing? Burning books, and not just any old books, no, the most holy of books to those whose religion considers the Quran to be the sanctified word of God. Religion for christsake! You know the thing we are supposed to be in favor of being able to practice FREELY. Has humanity not learned anything? We need to unshackle our educators and let them present the facts. We need to require that they do it without bias and prejudice. We need to give students the opportunity to openly ask questions without fear of ridicule. We need to require our leaders to lead. OMG!!!!!

My son-in-law is currently deployed to this region and I am frightened and angry and so very disappointed that his first year of marriage is being spent for this. The article says our president offered an apology and a vow to hold coalition officials accountable for the “inadvertent” sacrilege. The report also says that a state department official said, “We understand that emotions are running extremely high”…..the official goes on to say, “We have seen demonstrations throughout the country and there’s no indication that these are anything other than popular expressions of outrage over this incident.” YOU THINK?

Hell, I am outraged and I’m safe in the comfort of my own home in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The faces of the demonstrators on page A6 are of people, human beings, (men) living in the shadow of thousands of years of fear. I see no women in the photo. They are scarcely living in the shadow of thousands of years of men living in fear. They are outraged too, but you cannot see it. Can you imagine the outrage (and the headline at the TOP OF PAGE ONE) if the photo had been a man burning Old Glory? (BTW there are nations older than Old Glory.)

Politics and religion may be taboo topics and I am certainly not going to pretend to be an expert on either, but I can read.  There is not one single way to spin this to anything remotely funny. I hope those who read this will understand I didn’t mean to ruin their weekend.  Please share this post, comment on it, and most of all remember that somewhere today mothers are weeping.

5 thoughts on “Stop The Presses!

  1. sigh…. Freedom of speech means people can do anything no matter how offensive. Imagine how mourners must feel when that certain church protests at their funeral over gays in the military. Some people have no tact, no class and are very very low on compassion. Through recorded history these people have existed right next door to each of us. I see no end to these sorts either since mental illness, a need to control and a willingness to let others think are commonplace in this world.
    The fact that someone thought it would bring peace or frighten the “terrorists” to burn the Quran just shows how ignorant people can be. I put terrorists in quotes because we are as much a terror to them as they are to us. Or so I imagine, but that is simply my opinion, it may not be shared with anyone else and I am ok with that. I am not okay with someone burning any book as a way to hurt another. Fight fire with fire and you get more scorched land.

    1. I try to stay within appropriate boundries when interacting with the world. I do have trouble sometimes recognizing the boundries.
      I make it a point to live by my own rules. So far so good, except for a few times. (I’ve mostly blocked those out.) Thanks for the comment, Leah.

  2. Hi Honie. I’m not sure I agree history lessons would help. Seems to me we’re only good at comparing what happened to us in the past with anything current is only after the current event insists on it. Jules

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