Mother Of The Year

We joke in our family when we show kindness toward each other that the reason for our thoughtful gesture is because we are in the running for a something-of-the-year award. Likewise, an inconsiderate action or unpopular decision instantly takes us out of the running until we redeem ourselves. I am often nominated for not only Wife of the Year but also Mom of the Universe. (An exceptional meal or unexpected treat often makes me over-confident that I’m a shoe-in for both.) A new electronic device such as a laptop, smart phone or iPad has been known to result in a joint nomination for Parent of the Year.

Son/Daughter of the year awards have been given, revoked & reinstated within a 24 hour period. Husband of the year nominations aren’t difficult, but can take a bit longer to reinstate once withdrawn. No one can be completely disqualified, and that is what makes our family so great.

Eagles mate for life and share the responsibilities for living & parenting. My husband is fascinated by a pair of bald eagles in Decorah, Iowa. An infrared camera captures ALL of their activities and the live video is quite amazing to watch at There are commercials on the video stream and it does experience technical difficulties from time to time, but they are resolved quickly.

Not very long ago bald eagles were endangered. Because of partnerships between the non-profit organization Raptor Resource Project and many utility companies to preserve nest sites they now thrive. The blog for Raptor Resource Project has lots of interesting information. Their mission is to preserve and strengthen raptor populations, to expand participation in raptor preservation, and to help foster the next generation of preservationists. Their work deepens the connection between people and the natural world, bringing benefits to both.

The 2012 season is underway. The nest is prepared and there are now two eggs. YouTube videos of significant events are posted regularly on mochamama22’s channel.  The mother has an eight foot wing span. She is an amazing creature. I humbly yield the nomination for Mother of the Year to her.

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  1. Such a lovely post. I have a soft spot for eagles. I will check out the links soon, but my internet here is slow enough, so I’ll bookmark it for now. I just discovered your blog, to be honest, and am definitely coming back to keep reading!

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