Back To Reality

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Really BF? (Benjamin Franklin, who is dead BTW.) After Super Bowl 46, I believe there are many things of which we can be certain; bean dip goes with tortilla chips, spinach dip goes with wheat chips, red pepper humus goes with pita chips, celery goes with hot wings and it all goes great with a Roman-Egyptian-Rap-Gospel fusion half-time show with a marching band and a Mindfreak style big finish. It’s a good thing it was a free show. (We really got what we paid for.) Certainly trying to hoist yourself up onto bleachers in god awful spiked heels can almost land you on your fanny. (Did anyone else see that?)

For the middle-class/aged “fans” there were of course some touching, hope for the American workforce moments and a retread from Ferris Bueler’s Day Off. One last thing I am certain of is this, if you sat in your office doing your taxes until the fourth quarter, you didn’t miss a thing!

I was surprised to see Seinfeld hawking for Acura. I wondered what he was up to these days, now I know. I thought the Greek yogurt chick head-butting John Stamos was hysterical. I do want to know why any driver in the U.S. needs a vehicle with Skyactiv technology when getting above 45 miles an hour even on a six lane divided highway is more fantasy than reality.

Hungover or just faking it so everyone at the office will think you partied hard yesterday? Either way another work week has begun. These two guys know the score.